Mental Staycation with some Frustration!

Well, here I am a couple weeks later...while I chomp down a spoonful of my 165 calorie breakfast (oh joy). I am finally ready to share my  nm, m, m ,---oops that's the result of removing and wiping off a milky cornflake that fell to its death on my keyboard!!!

ok where was I? Oh yeah Wildwood!!!

As you may know I decided to take a little trip to restore my state of sanity and to be able to sit back and relax a few days and nights.

Like this seemed smooth and easy, but oh boy was I wrong!

I left the 2nd to last Thursday in July. I had every intention of arriving in Wildwood by the early afternoon so I can check in drop my stuff off and head straight for the beach for a nice afternoon nap in the sun and swim in the surf.

Problem was, I had to give my boyfriend a crash course of babysitting and diaper bag packing along with the day to day and night to night routines for the baby, who by the way just starting eating baby food.  For those mommas out there, you know this is critical!

Well it was also his time to decide to run around and do errands which was oh so considerate, and unlike myself who CAN manage to run errands with a child, he needed me to be around so he can make these errands go by faster (really?). So when all was said and done, I kissed my baby goodbye at 330pm and hit the Garden State Parkway South!!!

WOOOOO here we go and I'm off!!! uhh  no....approximately 5 exits later...what do I hit? Say it with me....TRAFFIC!!! And so my trip was lengthened from and hour and a half drive to to about 2 and a half hours!!!!

I finally get to the place I am staying at....The Sea Scape Inn
Nothing expected....lives up to the doo wop style the Wildwood and Wildwood Crest is so very proud to preserve.

I check in and I see that there is a sign that states NO VISITORS ALLOWED ok fair enough I'm traveling alone, but I keep reading and the details go this way.

NO visitors are to be in the parking lot in their car or YOUR car, and no one is to be on the hotel premises for any reason whatsoever, no visitors are allowed to come in and use the pool or your room shower...etc etc.
If said visitors are found the management has the right to charge the patron $30 per person per night and the visitor must immediately leave the premises! Oh and if to avoid that they state that the visitor may sign in for an hour only in the management office.

I was a bit perturbed by hey I'm a paying customer and my room is for two what if I have a visitor it's not inconveniencing anyone...anyhow I stopped worrying since I knew I wasn't going to have visitors anyway.

So I get into the office and there is a young female at the counter not sure of what to do with me so she grabs the manager Chris, and he proceeds to check me in...I didn't understand why he acted so surprised to see me...he called me TWICE while I was on my way to make sure I was still coming to "claim" the reserved room. Which I must admit I did not appreciate!

All is said and done...the honest customer does what she does and checks in to her room!!!
I walk out the office and past the pool area of which there is ONE man i would say is in his 30's.....i hear a big loud SMOOCH sound. WHAT? I look his way in bewilderment that someone would be soo cheesy and yet be so dumb to do it so close and mind you were are the only two people on the ground floor...I reply with "Gross, what a pig!" and go on my merry way!!!

I get to my room and...WHOAH its sooo much smaller than the picture...who's surprised...I'm not...ok maybe a little....i must say they have some really good camera angle tricks!! But none of the amenities they claim to have are missing. Bed, bathroom, kitchen with micro and fridge are all far so good. Smells good and its tidy...ok do a run thru of the room before I settle in and nothing to note...

So I bring in my things and I head to the Acme for some small munchies and drinks for my stay, its already to late to hit the beach so I decide to stay in...boooooo....i get tired so i get ready for bed and pull back the covers.........
look closely.....i know its not the best quality...but yes that is HAIR!!! and lots of it...and NOT mine!!!!
This was after pulling back a quilt, a blanket and a sheet and it was all the SAME!!! TONS OF HAIR!!! As if they NEVER changed the linens between patrons....I'm so grossed out at this point I write a letter of complaint, the first step of solving this issue as I could not go straight to management since the office was closed!
 I find CLEAN linens and I switch it out...i place the dirty linen in the corner and leave it with the note for the maid to see.

Next day....I wake up bright and early for a see the sun and sand of wildwood and to just melt  and wash all my stresses away!!!!

and all is right again with the world!!!

NOT!!! I decide to back because well, I'm feeling a little too toasty and I need some lunch!!
I get back to my room and the everything is made...including the bed...but definitely not right..i look to my right where I left the dirty linens, and I see THE LINENS I USED LAST NIGHT!
so with horror i turn to the bed...and HOPE and PRAY that they didn't just put it all back on the bed.....
So I check...and YUP not only did they NOT take the sheets..they put them BACK on the bed and completely disregarded my letter!!! Needless to say I was disgusted and very angry....and my body was also starting to feel very wrong. I go downstairs and surprise...NO MANAGEMENT! I go back upstairs and I see that my toasty feeling was more of a burn!!!! :(

That's just after I got back from the you can see if was read..but not as deep....

Unfortunately my burns got MUCH worse as time went on...and actually SPREAD.

Management is finally back...and I tell the young female the issue and I am thoroughly displeased with her apathetic attitude. "CLAIMS" she did read the letter and tells Chris about it. Surprise!! HE acts as if he has NO idea!! and puts on this Academy Award winning NOT performance of his regret of my findings and the subsequent actions taken by his staff..he apologizes and halfway sympathizes and tells me he will send up his staff to rectify the situation.
I'm waiting and they come up and I show them the pile i made of the dirty linen again and they come in to look at it and kept asking me what the problem was!!! SERIOUSLY! I explained and SHOWED them the STAINS and the HAIR and they still wouldn't take fault they just kept repeating that the sheets are old and that it was the fault of the laundry service. REALLY really.
Let me guess it was the laundry services fault for taking the STILL dirty linens and also their fault for putting the dirty hairy linens on the bed TWICE after customer complaint!

They then huffed and puffed about because they had to replace all of my linens and had to remake my this point I don't want to stay but they refused to give me my money back because of some clause in their contract HIGHWAY ROBBERY I TELL YOU AND I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!!

 That was the ultimate low point of my trip....i was sooo very disappointed in how things were working out...and to make matters worse I was in utter pain from my sunburn. And i figure heck....let me cool off in the pool.....stay out of the beach sun and avoid the sand on my skin.....

Well pool is locked and I double take at the pool hours (mind you it is only about 3 or 4  pm.)
Pool hours = Pool is closed and locked when management is not present.....JOY.
Yup no pool no beach and no bed until I get over the gross out factor.

SO I head to CVS to get a bottle of AfterSun lotion and more sunblock. I get back and SLATHER myself down no lie it was the only way to soothe the pain! and I also got a spray can of solarcaine and ooh la la!!! does that feel good!! hehe

I did manage to get dolled up later that night to go see the free Friday night fireworks!!

What do you think guys???? I hide frustration and anger rather well don't I?!

Day Three.... I stay indoors away from the sun and maid service knocks on my door to see if I need room look seeing them WITHOUT a cart and with nothing but a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towel in their arms....made me just say don't even bother!

Next day I set to go home... I walked to the beach at 6AM and i don't have pictures but just take my word for it that the early sunrise and the view was was quiet and the boardwalk was still silent except for a few joggers.  So I laid out a blanket and just took it all in....with a bagpiper in the background! Yeah i know, totally random but it was good!! And staring out into the shore I saw dolphin dipping in and out of the waves!!! Truly awesome....
I checked out and they said see you soon!!! and as I shut the door behind me I said I DOUBT IT!!!!

Parted ways with Wildwood and headed back home and that, my friends, was my harried, roller coaster ride of a weekend getaway!