Hey guys! Been off to prepare myself for a weekend trip to Texas! I will take plenty pictures and let u know how it went! love always!

Our Family Vacation in Puerto Rico

Hi Everyone!

So for Labor Day and my boyfriend's birthday, we took our FIRST family trip to Puerto Rico! We are both   Puerto Rican, and have been to the island before but this was our first trip together and a first with and for our little heavenly blossom!!!

It was a great trip, I love going and being able to travel ALL over the island! We went to SO many places and enjoyed the sun from many different points of the island :)

It was also great for my daughter to see her Grandmother again, my mom, they bonded and pretty much never left each others arms the whole time :) unless it was playpen time!!! :)

The beaches were beautiful, we went all over the island, Cabo Rojo, Boqueron, Fajardo, Luquillo, Rincon, Isabela, and then some! :)

We ate some AMAZING food, both home cooked and on the road!
Empanadillas con huevos y salchicas! (turnovers with scrambled eggs with onions and vienna sausage)

Relleno de Papa, is a potato ball stuffed with yummy ground beef and deep fried!

The delicious food below is from the retaurant you see above!!! DELISH

Chicharrones de Pollo con Mofongo!!! (Fried bits of chicken meat and skin with mashed plantains!)

the BEST pan dulce and pan sobao in Ponce!!!



I know I have been REALLY REALLY MIA!!
I had a busy last few weeks but a good thing is that you will soon be able to see what I had been up to!

I was in La Isla del Encanto for the first two weeks of September and I came back to enjoy the HOME and HOME tour with EM and Jay-Z just a few days later!!

Finally got to clean up a lot of the mess I came home to, using my brandy new vacuum cleaner (yay me).  Today we had an appraiser come to our house  and I was on a mad dash to make everything spotless...if not, COZY! lol..

So right now I'm sitting in front of the boob tube watching the series premier of Detroit 1-8-7 and on the coffee table I have a huge pile of papers, some financial stuff some fashion mags, etc etc....I'm working on my resume while I still have some time on my unemployment benefits.

Babys in is just about spotless, I got my workout in today (60/120s) and now its just me time...between everything else I will gladly add posts from my vacation and the concert!!!!

Hope you guys were able to end your summer well!!!