April Showers bring MAY FLOWERS and its time to BLOOM here at Heavenly Blossoms!

 We are moving on up, to a better place with this blog and I will be paying it forward!

With that said, I'm pleased to announce the opportunity to advertise YOUR blog/shop through Heavenly Blossoms!!

 Since the beginning of the year when I started swapping and paying for ad spaces, my blog has literally MORE THAN quadrupled in followers, starting from just 16 to having a combined readership of over 200 subscribers. 

 My twitter following has increased in subscribers to include 3x as many readers, and the same goes for my Facebook page, and we are STILL GROWING.

 I participate in at LEAST two giveaways per month, and not only does that help me, but it also drives more traffic to YOU!

 I intend to always offer affordable rates to help promote you. Your advertising pays back full circle in that your sponsorship via advertising on my blog goes right back to sponsoring the big blogs out there which will drive traffic right back to you!

 Also, if you are a shop owner, I would love the opportunity to review your product here on my blog. An in-blog spotlight or feature, social media mentions; whether its your first or fifth year, if your product is a good fit with my blog I am here for YOU.

Here's another bonus!
Living in the New York Metro Area combined with the fact that I am also a soldier in the US Army, I have a fresh, new network of subscribers and friends to share you with and that alone gives me the privilege to have friends all AROUND the WORLD so that I can draw you to them and THEIR FRIENDS!

Show yourself off and grab attention to your shop or blog!

I also network thru Hellocotton, Linky Followers, Google+, and Pinterest!

  If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions, please don't hesitate to get together with me or, to  reserve your ad space please email me:


I would really love to work with you!

[I reserve the right to turn down guest posts and sponsors if your blog is not family friendly.]

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