Where I have been...

I'm sitting in my car at 6:43 in the morning waiting to go for a run with a group. I'm sooo sore from last this past week. Insanity on Tuesday, flu shot on Wednesday and I had a Physical Fitness test on Thursday. Today. Needless to say it was really hard to get up this morning.

I am at Fort Dix on orders with the Yellow Ribbon program and I work like an active duty soldier which feels great. Not too mention we plan and conduct events for soldiers who have returned from their deployments plus their families.

So if I may have been MIA To you that's what I have been up to. And where I live in the barracks there is no wifi. I'm lucky to have a cell signal, really.

But check this out.

It's a beautiful foggy morning. I guess I could be grateful that mother nature is gonna be generous an not kill me with a warmer morning. :)

Plus I hear that fog is great for your skin! So let's go!!! Who's running this morning?!

Faves & Finds Linky Party 5!

Hi everyone!! Last week was rough! I got NO submissions :(.

Let's change that this week! :)

Come and share your tutorials, recipes, favorite vacations, parties...whatever floats your boat today :)

Here is my favorite from this week!

Since Mother's Day is around the corner, it would be nice to have a ONE-STOP shop where we can tackle our list of beloved ladies for this day! So once of my favorite bloggers, Laura from Our Reflection has a Mother's Day Shopping Mall up on her site!!

It showcases some of my favorite shops online, and I guarantee when you check it out you will have a hard time not buying some goodies for yourself as well!! There's jewelry, accessories, clothing, and web designs!!! And most if not ALL are offering discounts of 10% or more!!!

I think it's really great for her to have done this post! It is a fantastic way for us bloggers to get to know new shops!! And the deals are great! :)

So check it out when you get a chance!

 Now its time to link up!!!

1. Try and follow Heavenly Blossoms via GFC, Hellocotton, or Bloglovin'!!! Can't miss out on future opportunities to link up right!? [not required though, but I would love it :)]

2. Link up to a blog post, this makes it much easier to find your fave/find of the week! (Please no giveaways, shops, etc.)

3. Be sure to check out the other links! I have met some amazingly great people through linky parties. This one will be no exception!

4. Make sure to grab a button for your blog!

Heavenly Blossoms Faves & Finds Linky Party

21 Day Challenge: I got my computer desk back!

So I am just OVER having nothing but junk ALL over the home office...no one keeps up with the mail and it all just...




So I am now taking part in a 21-day challenge! If you are interested, stop by Life Created she's starting the challenge up originally posted by A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Now if you are impatient like me, you can refer to the original posts for ideas and to find out whats ahead? Nothing like preparing after procrastination, I always say.....ok, so I never say that.  It doesn't even make sense, but this challenge a fun activity (trust me its fun when everyone shares their end results) for all of us to take part together in!

And guess what? Today's challenge everyone has a chance to win a prize!!! Not bad for a little bonus to add to the freshly uncluttered and clean areas!

So here is my Day 2: The Computer Desk

Yes, I'm almost ashamed to show this...I have all OVER.

I followed the Relocate/donate, Trash, Keep rule, and lets just say MOST of this stuff was relocate and donate. Pretty sad huh? What helped me plenty was the rule of throwing away papers/bills that were a month old, why keep them when all that stuff is saved on-line right?? Thanks for that tip ladies!!!

Here is the big reveal!

Look at that!!! Bet you couldn't tell I had a desktop computer behind all of that! I was able to reorganize my favorite reads, and military books and my mail center for my craftiness now sits behind that windowed compartment on the right! Its great to have it all organized once and for all!!!

An empty inbox and a WHOLE space of table to use! It is SO pleasing to the eye! :)

I'll be sharing this over at Life Created!!! Stop by!

Celebrating the Success of a Friend!

HI guys!!! 

My girl Kristine from The Foley Fam is celebrating her first Blog-iversary ALL MONTH!!!

She's a great gal if you haven't gotten a chance to meet her then definitely make it a point to stop by after this post! I will be keeping the button above on my sidebar so you can easily navigate to her page!

The Foley Fam is a blog that I love to read EVERY POST.  Kristine is patient, kind, funny, generous and most importantly GENUINE! It's great that she shares so much of her life with us, she's a great mommy and a great blogger. She's even got this really neat shop on Etsy

One of my favorites is this newborn headband!! Such a cute spring/summer accessory!


I have participated in giveaways with her, she is a great person to work with, and her posts are a whole lotta fun! I am pleased to say that I will also be in her first giveaway of the month!! So be sure to keep on the lookout for when that happens!

Happy Blog-iversary Krisitine!!! I admire you and your work and it is a privilege to be your friend! I wish you just as much success and then some in the years to come!! :)