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Heavenly Blossoms Faves & Finds Linky Party

It's my very 1st Linky Party! Share your Faves & Finds!


I am really excited about this, I can't wait to see what you all have to share!
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Since it's my first link party I didn't want to be crazy specific. I mean really, is it possible to do a linky party solely (no pun intended) on pastel ballet flats?
.....yeah, I didn't think so....(as much as I had wished it would be)

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Here's my Fave for this Friday!!!

So this week I got to have a little fun with shoe shopping without the risk of spending a penny! I linked up with Absolute Mommy and Mom2MemphisandRuby, for  Tuesday Ten on shoes here.

Well I came across the most ADORABLE flats for Easter.

 I am big on flats because well let me be real with you, I am not a tiny woman!!! Heels really don't help.  Anyhow, with the great trend of pastels I instantly started picturing the possible outfits!!!

So with that I was inspired to make my first Inspira-style board!

Fresh Pastel via
If you are interested in any of these items I did my best to label each one. They are all on my Easter Wear Pinterest Board here in case you love this as much as I do and wanna do a repin!

**The shoes I am still on the prowl for, I can't find them anywhere, so hopefully I can update that soon**

So what do you think of the latest pastel trend? Do you like it paired with the color blocking trend?

Well that's all from me, as far as I know there is only ONE fashionista in this house and its THIS little diva!

Gosh, she makes my heart melt!


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Heavenly Blossoms Faves & Finds Linky Party


Tuesday 10: Shoes!

HI!!!! Its Tuesday and if you are new and coming in from the HUGE, MASSIVE giveaway at Our Reflection,


(and if you don't know about the giveaway HURRY up and click the link above to get in on it!!! One winner for all the prizes!! I am giving away not one, but TWO handmade crochet blossoms to be worn in your hair or as a brooch!!!)

Today I am linking up with Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby and Absolute Mommy who if you remember are also contributing to the amazing giveaway!!! They are both awesome if you don't know these ladies I suggest you make a quick hop skip and a jump after your finished here! 
Anyhow, they are co-hosting Tuesday Top Tens, and this week's Theme is SHOES!!! Oh yeah, shoes...what girl doesn't love shoes!!

So here are mine!

This is my goto shoe. It's comfy, and pretty much go together with anything and can remain casual, but its my favorite for a pair of cropped jeans, a hoodie and a blanket for the beach ;)

DOS (2)
LK Bennets, so classy and easy to coordinate. Nude pumps are fantastic for elongating the leg!!! I would love to have a pair as I hear that they are really comfortable, I have a knockoff pair that are a weird fit and my feet slip....they look great for casual or special occasion, but man, pain is all I think about!


TRES (3)
My ultimate goto "shoe". Yes everyone, this is it.  I have about ten of these and while they look presentable I coordinate them with all of my outfits. Especially with the weather we have been having in New Jersey! When they get bad they make for great  house slippers!!! :)


The next seven will be fantasy shoes for me!
 Yes I  know they are little!! These are my top ten but not necessarily for me! lol I saw these and jus fell in love!! My daughter has such beautiful skin and I think she would look SO DARLING with these goldies on her tootsies!!! Hello Point Pleasant Boardwalk!!! :)

OK, are you guys sensing a theme here??? I am guilty of having LOTS of neutrals!!! So it's no mistake that  I love the nudes!!! I like that these have a lacy look and the bow just makes it so dainty!! Very nice!

SEIS (6)
These are by Chloe, a major designer and yes WAYYYYYY outta my budget!!! Besides I don't know about you, but Im in Thick Legs Club and I might as well be President of the Cankles Club, so most riding boots or ANY over the ankle shoe are usually just a dream! (So close yet so farrrr!!!)

LOOK ITS  A POP of COLOR!;)  Teal, aquamarines (just so happens to be my birth stone) and the like have really been grabbing my attention this year, and these blue vans are so dreamy! Gotta snag these!

OCHO (8)
Here we go!!! Yellow! I am starting to feel proud of myself for finding all these cute colors!
Another pair of cutesie toddler shoes, those ruffles are just soooo ADORABLE!!! And I love the keyhole cutouts :)

I just had to include another angle!

I need shoes for Easter at my church,  I know that pastels are VERY in for spring, and flats do me well since I am TALL, like 5'7" tall....heels just don't look or feel right at church for me, ESPECIALLY when you have a spider monkey  toddler clinging on your for dear life! I would love to pair this with a nice pastel pair of skinny jeans and a flowy blouse! HMMM maybe I will do an inspiration board for this one!

DIEZ (10)
Because, who wears their high heels through the WHOLE reception?? :) These are so pretty, I LOOOOVE the embellishments on the toes!!!

Well thats my Tuesday Top Ten for SHOES!!!!! I love it and it was so much fun!!! What girl doesn't love shoes???? Now I have several potentials for my closet :), do you too?


Why can't neighbors be NEIGHBORLY!?

SO here's the scoop guys.....I always ALWAYS try to keep it positive on this blog....but sometimes.....SOMETIMES....I GET MAD and FRUSTRATED....and these kind of things just need to be expressed. So I apologize ahead of time if its something you are offended by rant...

I wanted to make this quick but its just not possible. I live in a complex I have a FIVE POUND DOG....that does NOT BITE OR BARK....She is every bit of a house dog. I take her out ONLY to do her business and we both come back inside. NO I do NOT use a leash UNLESS there are others present. Where I live has a small courtyard where EVERYONE walks their dog at one time or another throughout the day.

Thats one statement, here's the other....I just walked my girl, and a woman sitting outside with her baby on a raised patio no where near my dog gets up and stares at me and my dog, as if I am letting a rabid rottweiler loose!!  My dog does her first order of business and comes to me for praise. After I give her a treat and praise her,  I let her go to conduct her second order of business. As we are strolling in our ITTY BITTY courtyard I hear her yell (apparently to me) "STATE LAW SAYS LEASH YOUR DOG!" (by the way there is no statewide leash law) so being that I AM from PERTH AMBOY BUT RAISED WITH MANNERS I REPLY....."HI, I'm your neighbor, I would have appreciated a lot MORE class from you, maybe along the lines of an introduction as we have never met and I find that YOU ARE WHOLLY INAPPROPRIATE IN THE WAY THAT YOU JUST ADDRESSED ME!"

And I keep moving, so she brings her hubby out as if I am some kid who's afraid to be seen as if its going to send me away, no....I actually am a homeowner in this neighborhood SO I WILL DO AS I PLEASE...then later mumbles something else I find unintelligible but it's about her having told me to leash my dog over and over again and I reply "I do not know you, we have never met, I have never been approached by ANYONE here, and surely if they had any issue with it they would have confronted me in a more mature manner than you have today stranger."

SO then she goes...GET THIS...."HONEY HOLD THIS! (She's talking about her newborn!!!) I"M GOING TO CALL ANIMAL CONTROL!!!

I couldn't help but laugh!!! MY dog is a tiny little havanese...of the bichon family...HARMLESS....and besides the woman was FOUR feet off the ground...what exactly are you going to say to animal control?????

Anyhow, I manage to find out that there is more behind this woman, she happens to be married to someone who managed to sneakily and illegally get votes from residents door to door for the association of the complex....he is wholly untrustworthy and the reason why there is such great disunity within our community when it comes to rights as homeowners...He sides with the developer which leaves us in the cold in the winters and shoddy construction with HIGH association fees all the rest of the year....I am guessing since she THINKS she has married up that she can talk to the residents as as if she is their boss. OH NO MAAM you will not....

This place is a facade for peaceful and comfortable living as well as a money pit and I wouldn't dare think that you want to flaunt that you are in anyway associate with the betterment of our community just because of who you are married too. And on that...who you marry and procreate with will not instantly give you the right to speak to people the way you did....rude, immature, and tacky.


All I can share from this is that if she had ONLY KINDLY confronted em with a "HELLO" or a "HI My name is so and so, and I don't want to be rude but I would appreciate it if ...." Then maybe we might have been able to come to a sort of compromise. Instead, she single-handedly made me feel like this awful criminal and completely ruined what could have been a decent neighbor relationship.

For any of you out there that are against unleashed dogs please hear me out here. Our courtyard is very secluded, and well off the main sidewalk, it is not a throughway and the other neighbors with pets also walk them in this courtyard and we are all sure to pick up after them.  Our courtyard is our substitution for a backyard.  My girl never leave my immediate side, only but a few feet while doing her business, then clings right back to me....this is why this breed is called a Velcro Dog.

On the other hand I respect those who dislike or are insecure or have a certain fear with any animals, so whenever and thats every time I see another person, I immediately leash her up, and again she is as docile as ever.  Sometimes I will immediately go back inside.

Was I wrong? Did I somehow handle that badly? I really dislike how I feel, I'm angry, I'm angry that I was treated that way, as if I was someone abusing my pet that she felt the need to shout that she was calling animal control for a 5 lb. dog, I'm angry that I feel somehow guilty for letting my dog loose even though she was NOWHERE near the courtyard and was on a patio that was FOUR feet above the ground...

Help me out here....Im just boiling with thoughts....

Thanks for listening and for those that aren't happy with this post, I hope we can agree to disagree....

Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You


I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown today.

No, that's not sarcasm, that's not me exaggerating a bit to get a chuckle.

I'm serious. Im so serious I wish I wasn't.

In my life I have had challenges. Some were tough but I got through ok. My latest challenge I "knew" was going to be really tough.

Well, really tough doesn't quite describe just how hard I realized my situation is about to become.

Here's why.

I'm deploying. My time has come to go overseas. To do what I signed up for. Something that makes me filled with pride to finally have the opportunity to do.

All weekend my unit was being trained on all the various topics to give us the best "heads up" to prepare for our deployment. Ways to get our family prepared, ways to interact with the other cultures, and all the soldierly skills in connection with the Geneva Convention.

Let me just say this. I AM FULLY aware I want this. I AM FULLY aware of all the benefits that will come my way as a result of this assignment.

It was a simple concept, train up, leave my daughter in the best of hands and go off and do what I always knew I had to do eventually.

So as I was filling out paperwork during a presentation today, there was a block that asked for this:

 MOBILIZATION DATE:_______________________(DD/MM/YYYY)

and we got the date....and I wrote it down. (I won't be sharing what that date is....I assume you all understand why)

And then this huge lump started filling up in my throat,

my eyes started to well up, 

and I started to shake, that nervous shake that one does with their legs....and the tears began to pour...and as the presentation went on, 

I sat there in my seat, 

wiping away tears that were overflowing,

biting my tongue, and clenched my teeth to keep from letting out any sound,

and quietly cried to myself.

The countdown has begun.


In X amount of months and days, I will be on an airplane to someplace VERY VERY FAR from my baby..




My head filled with all these thoughts of waking up in the morning to her little feet pitter pattering into my room to wake me up for oatmeal.  The days full of random kisses, hugs and "I LOVE YOU MOMMY"s.

My little two year old, the improvements she makes with her words, her alphabet and her numbers. And then I realized that I will be gone for



An entire year without her kisses, without her cute little arms wrapped around my neck for the hugs she loves to give. I will have to go a year without holding my baby.

and she will go a WHOLE year without her mommy. No kisses from Mommy, no huggies, no kisses on the booboo's, no birthdays.

and when we see each other, we will be a whole year older, a year of growth and changes.

Then the real hurtful thoughts come in,

Will she remember me?

When I come home after being away, if I reach out to her, will she reach out for me?

What if she DOESN'T??!!

Thinking about this, it absolutely SHATTERS my heart. It hurts SO MUCH.

I don't want our bond to break, deteriorate, NONE OF it...


I  KNOW she's only two, but this little girl is so intelligent, the last time I left it was for three months and it took quite a while for her to really be ok around me again.  It was almost as if she was making me pay back for leaving her for such a long time.

Three months. What happens after TWELVE??

This is what caught me off guard today. Are you asking why think about this now, not sooner?  I have! Plenty of times.  I KNOW I am not the FIRST and I will NOT be the last mother to leave their child behind to serve their country.  And "logistically" I have been making every arrangement to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

  • My daughter has her closest relatives, to watch over her and continue to raise her a well-mannered, healthy girl.
  • My income will be even better while deployed so she will definitely not go without!
  • We are absolutely blessed to be in an age with an amazing amount of technology to rely on! The internet, SKYPE, at the very least I can send home pictures and gifts and record videos to send.
  • The Army does their best to provide for the family's needs as while while the Mothers/Fathers are deployed.

These things do lend some comfort,

But I experienced a level of clarity that made for a wake-up call to realize true emotions. And I have to be glad, that God revealed this to me now, because I couldn't imagine having this all come about after I have already left.

I consider it a blessing to know this now, it buys me time to prepare us even better. Because from now until the day I leave I intend to,

smother her with smooches,
 and endless hugs, 
there will definitely be more occasions for quality time and there will be more pictures of her WITH mommy in FRONT of the camera!!!

More pictures like these,

 I intend to make a collage for her room with these pictures, some will have me in my civilian clothes, some in my uniform.  Hopefully this can bring up a dialog with my mother and her, so she can begin to understand why Mommy isn't home and what she is doing in that far away place.

We will make videos together, so she can watch them while I am away. The army even makes these plush dolls that look like soldiers with a vinyl pocket on the head so that a picture of the loved one can be put in, offering another way for the child(ren) to cope with the absence of their mothers, fathers, sisters, or brothers. I really hope she gets on of those..

Books, there ARE books for children of deploying/deployed MOTHERS....one book I am interested in shares the title of my post, and I hope that it is another way to help my young daughter understand why I'm gone, and that just because I left does NOT mean I don't love her with every bit of my heart.

There is a lot out there, and she will be taken care of, and now that I have been graced with this opportunity to do more for her, then maybe, just maybe I may feel better.

Don't get me wrong. I still feel like I have been punched in the gut.  It still hurts and maybe I am not over my breakdown just yet, but something at this level of seriousness, isn't going to go away overnight. Who knows, it may go away and come back....I can't even imagine what I will feel one I take my seat on that plane...
on take off....
and from there....
but regardless I have decided to focus on several things...(and this is really personal)

My daughter, she is my everything, and as much as it kills me to be away, she is the reason why it is SO important that I need to succeed in everything I do over there.

I have a renewed and now strengthening faith in God and what he is capable of, with LOTS of prayers, and a bible to read, I know my faith will help get me by,

and this blog.

I have made so many friends in all of you, I appreciate the links I've made through it, and through Facebook in conjunction with everything Heavenly Blossoms. I have read your writings, your blog posts, you have shared with me (and readers) so much, I have been blessed to have regular dialog with many of you beyond that. So I look forward to continuing communications with you all, and posting regularly in the coming months in preparation and while I am away. It will be yet another form of therapy I will desperately need.

And as far as that goes, it already feels a little better to share this.  Maybe there is someone out there about to go through the same thing, maybe somehow I hope that I made someone feel less alone in this situation, maybe there's someone out there who has been through this in which case I would completely welcome some sound advice!

Thank you so much for hearing me out...


For any of you interested in the books, here is a link to the list of books where I found a few that I would like to get for my family.


National Craft Month! Coffee Filter Flowers

Hello Hello!!! :)

New Jersey had a REALLY nice day!!! It was 70°!!!!!

The little one and I headed out to the waterfront and she rode (as I pushed) her tricycle up and down the boardwalk, when it got too windy we packed up and headed home. Where we went back outside for a walk and to walk the dog, so everyone got a little Vitamin D and fresh air today!

We continued our enjoyment of the weather by hanging out on our patio and finishing up our craft for this week!

It's March and that means a LOT of things are going on! Its Women's Month! Its the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts, its' my birthday month AND its NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH!

So the little one and I are going to do a brand new craft every week! This week we did coffee filter flowers!

Each day this week we sat down with markers, highlighters, and the basket type of coffee filter.

It was great since she's only two it gave her a chance to see the colors bleed out from the marker on the paper and we learned our primary and secondary colors this way and how mixing two together make another different color!

Out on the patio, we finished up the flowers and I used sparkly pipe cleaner for the stems. I let her pick the colors she wanted, and not by just pointing them out. I had her call out the colors so I knew that she was getting them right. She's pretty on point with her colors I must say. She makes me really proud :)

So after she chose the pipe cleaners, I took over and poked it through the center of the filter, twisted them around the base that I made by pinching the center and squishing it through to the top.

This is my heavenly blossoms with our handmade paper heavenly blossoms! :)..hamming it up for the camera!

Like I said....miss diva in the works....

We gathered the flowers and put them in an cleaned out, label removed Frappucino bottle (looks like old fashioned milk bottles!!
I also added a flower that I bought on a whim in Ikea.....Sigh...I Heart IKEA!


 I can see this being a REALLY good craft for Mother's Day :) Or string the flowers along on yarn and make garland for Spring. I will even make an extra one with her so she can have her own little bouquet on her little play kitchen! :)

Have a great day all!! Be sure to leave a comment below!!

March Photo Challenge Day 7 and Easy Peezy Red Potatoes!!

Day 7: Something you wore:

My Old Navy flip flops!!
I love these, they are so comfy, as beat up as they look I will never let them go (unless they break of course) They come with me everywhere, they are my shower shoes, they are my beach shoes and they coordinate so well with a  pair of boy cut jeans with the cuffs rolled up and a white tee! I even have accessories to match! lol 

So tonight I made some mini meatloaf for the daughter and I! But I was wondering what to pair it with.  I needed it to be quick and easy. And I wanted it to be done around the same time as the meatloaf so that the little one can have her dinner.

So why not meat and POTATOES!! :) I had about five red potatoes left so I cut them into quarters and laid them out in an 8X8 baking pan.

In a pyrex measuring cup I melted 1/4 cup of margarine, and in that I mixed the juice of half a lemon, a 1/2 tbs of garlic ( I like a lot of garlic), 1tsp of salt. Then I poured that mixture over the potatoes, then mixing it to cover it nice and evenly. Before I popped the pan into the oven I sprinkled a generous amount of parmesan over them and covered with foil. The oven was set to 375° since I was already baking the meatloaf. So I shoved the pan on a rack underneath the meatloaf and set the timer for 30 minutes. 

After the timer's up remove the foil and let bake for about 5 minutes more or until they get golden. And voila!

We have a side dish!
It was sooo yummy...Garlic...mmmmm and the cheese was really a nice touch since there was parmesan mixed into the ground turkey meatloaf! 

I'd like to add this meal to another Mommy made - baby approved meal!!! YAY ME!!!

As for the meatloaf sauce I just used a 1/4 cup of Ketchup mixed with 2 tbs of Worcester Sauce!

If you try it out let me know! Especially if you put a different spin on it!

March Photo Challenge, Day 4,5, 6

I have been MIA for WOW...a couple days....I have been feeling a little out of it.  

I have to play soldier this weekend and well, don't you hate when you get last minute changes that involve you doing public speaking?

ahhhh well....I'm not to happy about being chosen to do a nutrition presentation....since I am clearly the fatie in the unit. But I'll talk about that more another time.....it's been a downer so I want to smile by sharing some cool pictures from the March Photo a Day challenge!!! :)

Day 4: Bedside, this one was cool because I had done my spring cleaning in my bedroom already HAHA take that photo challenge!

Day 5: Smile
This is the cutest smile in my life....and this particular one reminds of when my daughter was the little chubby baby with only two cute little teeth on the bottom. 

Day 6: 5PM
Well I hope I didn't cheat this one, I missed my 5PM window today. So I had to get creative.  5 is from my Stove, the P is from my daughter's playmat, and the M is from a bag of trail mix!

There you have it....tomorrow's photo is "Something You Wore", I guess I better make this one good by choosing something better than the Halloween pants I have been wearing for the last few days!

March Photo Challenge, Day 3: My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood, not the traditional neighborhood by any means. My daughter and I take strolls in this courtyard and sometimes beyond.  I walk my dog through this area, but I really do not know any of my neighbors. Kinda sad.

But the truth is...just because you live closer doesn't mean you will be.  I think out of everyone in our courtyard, maybe MAYBE two or three of the residents use their front doors.  Each unit has dual garages underneath so there is no reason for the front door unless you have guests!

It's definitely a beautiful place and its where I call home for now. But I am sure I would prefer to live some where with more neighborly interactions. :/

Anyhow that's my neighborhood!! :)  Have you been participating in the March Photo  a Day challenge? Leave your site below I would love to check it out!

Or you can find me on Instagram: Heavenly Blossom
Twitter: @HvnlyBlossoms

March Photo Challenge, Day 2: Fruit!

MMMM Yummy Starfruit or ESTRELLLAAAAAAAAAA!! As my daughter would say!
I got a chance for her to try it today! What a WIN/WIN!!!

She loved it, she kept asking for more! And I love it because I get that yummy apple-y taste without the itchy throat!

So yes, today was a good picture day for fruit!

Photo Challenge!! Day One

So as you may or may not know I am ALLLL OVER social media lately. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Bloglovin' and the list goes on....

So how cool is it when I log on to Instagram that Laura from Our Reflection, (who is ALSO a sponsor of mine this month) {Check her out!} that I see a photo a day challenge for the month of March!!! Each day is a new topic for the subject of the photo and they are to be uploaded to Instagram and even shared on Twitter!

So thats one of my new challenges this month, and you will bee seeing a new post every day with a picture coinciding with the topic!!

I hope you join in!
#photoaday :)

So for Day 1: UP!

It was a gloomy day...but I decided to take a shot through my sunroof in my car!

By the way....Laura from Our Reflection is hosting this awesome Meet & Tweet! Check it out and lets get to know each other on Twitter!!