It's my very 1st Linky Party! Share your Faves & Finds!


I am really excited about this, I can't wait to see what you all have to share!
Next Friday I hope to highlight my favorites of the Faves and Finds!

Since it's my first link party I didn't want to be crazy specific. I mean really, is it possible to do a linky party solely (no pun intended) on pastel ballet flats?
.....yeah, I didn't think so....(as much as I had wished it would be)

This is just a nice, easygoing, social link up party where you share your Favorites, and Finds.....or even Favorite Finds! It can be anything from garage sale dresser you repurposed to the meal that makes your mouth water, to your favorite family moments!

I just ask to be friendly and courteous and when you share your link please click and check out at least three of the others that share with you!


Here's my Fave for this Friday!!!

So this week I got to have a little fun with shoe shopping without the risk of spending a penny! I linked up with Absolute Mommy and Mom2MemphisandRuby, for  Tuesday Ten on shoes here.

Well I came across the most ADORABLE flats for Easter.

 I am big on flats because well let me be real with you, I am not a tiny woman!!! Heels really don't help.  Anyhow, with the great trend of pastels I instantly started picturing the possible outfits!!!

So with that I was inspired to make my first Inspira-style board!

Fresh Pastel via
If you are interested in any of these items I did my best to label each one. They are all on my Easter Wear Pinterest Board here in case you love this as much as I do and wanna do a repin!

**The shoes I am still on the prowl for, I can't find them anywhere, so hopefully I can update that soon**

So what do you think of the latest pastel trend? Do you like it paired with the color blocking trend?

Well that's all from me, as far as I know there is only ONE fashionista in this house and its THIS little diva!

Gosh, she makes my heart melt!


I would love it if you grabbed a button for the post you are linking up today!!! Thanks Mucho!!!!

Heavenly Blossoms Faves & Finds Linky Party



  1. Congrats on your first Linky Party!! And those flats are adorable, I stumbled across those this week on Pinterest as well! And I love 'em! I can't find them either though! Grr.
    Oh and your daughter is the cutest!!

  2. Thank you Meleah!!!

    Aren't they!!! I want them in every color I see lol. Isn't it so frustrating? LOL even if I can't afford them I want to know who makes them and how much they are! I need closure!!!

    Thank you so much, I love that little girl so much lol!!

    What's your Pinterest name? I'll follow you!

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