March Photo Challenge, Day 4,5, 6

I have been MIA for WOW...a couple days....I have been feeling a little out of it.  

I have to play soldier this weekend and well, don't you hate when you get last minute changes that involve you doing public speaking?

ahhhh well....I'm not to happy about being chosen to do a nutrition presentation....since I am clearly the fatie in the unit. But I'll talk about that more another's been a downer so I want to smile by sharing some cool pictures from the March Photo a Day challenge!!! :)

Day 4: Bedside, this one was cool because I had done my spring cleaning in my bedroom already HAHA take that photo challenge!

Day 5: Smile
This is the cutest smile in my life....and this particular one reminds of when my daughter was the little chubby baby with only two cute little teeth on the bottom. 

Day 6: 5PM
Well I hope I didn't cheat this one, I missed my 5PM window today. So I had to get creative.  5 is from my Stove, the P is from my daughter's playmat, and the M is from a bag of trail mix!

There you have it....tomorrow's photo is "Something You Wore", I guess I better make this one good by choosing something better than the Halloween pants I have been wearing for the last few days!

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