Photo Challenge!! Day One

So as you may or may not know I am ALLLL OVER social media lately. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Bloglovin' and the list goes on....

So how cool is it when I log on to Instagram that Laura from Our Reflection, (who is ALSO a sponsor of mine this month) {Check her out!} that I see a photo a day challenge for the month of March!!! Each day is a new topic for the subject of the photo and they are to be uploaded to Instagram and even shared on Twitter!

So thats one of my new challenges this month, and you will bee seeing a new post every day with a picture coinciding with the topic!!

I hope you join in!
#photoaday :)

So for Day 1: UP!

It was a gloomy day...but I decided to take a shot through my sunroof in my car!

By the way....Laura from Our Reflection is hosting this awesome Meet & Tweet! Check it out and lets get to know each other on Twitter!!


  1. You are the sweetest. I'm not a Linky and GFC follower. ^_^

  2. :) Yayy! Thanks!! As you can tell I love activities like these!

  3. found you thru the made by munchie's mama giveaway and now follow thru GFC. thanks!

  4. Hi MINDY!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by AND following!!! :)


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