National Craft Month! Coffee Filter Flowers

Hello Hello!!! :)

New Jersey had a REALLY nice day!!! It was 70°!!!!!

The little one and I headed out to the waterfront and she rode (as I pushed) her tricycle up and down the boardwalk, when it got too windy we packed up and headed home. Where we went back outside for a walk and to walk the dog, so everyone got a little Vitamin D and fresh air today!

We continued our enjoyment of the weather by hanging out on our patio and finishing up our craft for this week!

It's March and that means a LOT of things are going on! Its Women's Month! Its the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts, its' my birthday month AND its NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH!

So the little one and I are going to do a brand new craft every week! This week we did coffee filter flowers!

Each day this week we sat down with markers, highlighters, and the basket type of coffee filter.

It was great since she's only two it gave her a chance to see the colors bleed out from the marker on the paper and we learned our primary and secondary colors this way and how mixing two together make another different color!

Out on the patio, we finished up the flowers and I used sparkly pipe cleaner for the stems. I let her pick the colors she wanted, and not by just pointing them out. I had her call out the colors so I knew that she was getting them right. She's pretty on point with her colors I must say. She makes me really proud :)

So after she chose the pipe cleaners, I took over and poked it through the center of the filter, twisted them around the base that I made by pinching the center and squishing it through to the top.

This is my heavenly blossoms with our handmade paper heavenly blossoms! :)..hamming it up for the camera!

Like I said....miss diva in the works....

We gathered the flowers and put them in an cleaned out, label removed Frappucino bottle (looks like old fashioned milk bottles!!
I also added a flower that I bought on a whim in Ikea.....Sigh...I Heart IKEA!


 I can see this being a REALLY good craft for Mother's Day :) Or string the flowers along on yarn and make garland for Spring. I will even make an extra one with her so she can have her own little bouquet on her little play kitchen! :)

Have a great day all!! Be sure to leave a comment below!!

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  1. Your little girl is a delight! I love the creativity in those flowers, and I can only imagine the fun you two had while putting that project together!


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