Faves & Finds Linky Party 2!


I want to graciously thank the participants for last week! I appreciate you supporting my first week in the link party!!!!

Now it's time for week 2!!!!

It's another week of Faves and Finds!!

Please share your favorite posts, deals, crafts etc!! All I ask is that you do not advertise other link parties, or shop pages! This is a friendly social so to speak! :)

Have fun!!!! And be sure to grab my button along the way!!

Heavenly Blossoms Faves & Finds Linky Party


  1. Thanks for hosting girl! :) Good luck with your party!!! Have a nice weekend while you're at it... ;)

    1. Thank YOU!!!! I appreciate you joining in!!! Have a fantastic weekend :)

  2. Hi saw this link up advertised on twitter. I added one of my most recent favourite posts. It was part of another link up - I hope that's alright? If not please feel free to remove it. I think this is a fabulous idea to get to know other bloggers. Have a great weekend.

    1. It's all good!! Your post was awesome!! LOVED The VIdeo!!


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