March Photo Challenge, Day 3: My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood, not the traditional neighborhood by any means. My daughter and I take strolls in this courtyard and sometimes beyond.  I walk my dog through this area, but I really do not know any of my neighbors. Kinda sad.

But the truth is...just because you live closer doesn't mean you will be.  I think out of everyone in our courtyard, maybe MAYBE two or three of the residents use their front doors.  Each unit has dual garages underneath so there is no reason for the front door unless you have guests!

It's definitely a beautiful place and its where I call home for now. But I am sure I would prefer to live some where with more neighborly interactions. :/

Anyhow that's my neighborhood!! :)  Have you been participating in the March Photo  a Day challenge? Leave your site below I would love to check it out!

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  1. That's a lovely green space! I know what you mean about the neighbors. We live in a typical subdivision and while I know by name the people on either side and across the street from me, we rarely do anything but give a friendly wave. I think I interact with their dogs more. ;)


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