Tuesday 10: Shoes!

HI!!!! Its Tuesday and if you are new and coming in from the HUGE, MASSIVE giveaway at Our Reflection,


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Today I am linking up with Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby and Absolute Mommy who if you remember are also contributing to the amazing giveaway!!! They are both awesome if you don't know these ladies I suggest you make a quick hop skip and a jump after your finished here! 
Anyhow, they are co-hosting Tuesday Top Tens, and this week's Theme is SHOES!!! Oh yeah, shoes...what girl doesn't love shoes!!

So here are mine!

This is my goto shoe. It's comfy, and pretty much go together with anything and can remain casual, but its my favorite for a pair of cropped jeans, a hoodie and a blanket for the beach ;)

DOS (2)
LK Bennets, so classy and easy to coordinate. Nude pumps are fantastic for elongating the leg!!! I would love to have a pair as I hear that they are really comfortable, I have a knockoff pair that are a weird fit and my feet slip....they look great for casual or special occasion, but man, pain is all I think about!


TRES (3)
My ultimate goto "shoe". Yes everyone, this is it.  I have about ten of these and while they look presentable I coordinate them with all of my outfits. Especially with the weather we have been having in New Jersey! When they get bad they make for great  house slippers!!! :)


The next seven will be fantasy shoes for me!
 Yes I  know they are little!! These are my top ten but not necessarily for me! lol I saw these and jus fell in love!! My daughter has such beautiful skin and I think she would look SO DARLING with these goldies on her tootsies!!! Hello Point Pleasant Boardwalk!!! :)

OK, are you guys sensing a theme here??? I am guilty of having LOTS of neutrals!!! So it's no mistake that  I love the nudes!!! I like that these have a lacy look and the bow just makes it so dainty!! Very nice!

SEIS (6)
These are by Chloe, a major designer and yes WAYYYYYY outta my budget!!! Besides I don't know about you, but Im in Thick Legs Club and I might as well be President of the Cankles Club, so most riding boots or ANY over the ankle shoe are usually just a dream! (So close yet so farrrr!!!)

LOOK ITS  A POP of COLOR!;)  Teal, aquamarines (just so happens to be my birth stone) and the like have really been grabbing my attention this year, and these blue vans are so dreamy! Gotta snag these!

OCHO (8)
Here we go!!! Yellow! I am starting to feel proud of myself for finding all these cute colors!
Another pair of cutesie toddler shoes, those ruffles are just soooo ADORABLE!!! And I love the keyhole cutouts :)

I just had to include another angle!

I need shoes for Easter at my church,  I know that pastels are VERY in for spring, and flats do me well since I am TALL, like 5'7" tall....heels just don't look or feel right at church for me, ESPECIALLY when you have a spider monkey  toddler clinging on your for dear life! I would love to pair this with a nice pastel pair of skinny jeans and a flowy blouse! HMMM maybe I will do an inspiration board for this one!

DIEZ (10)
Because, who wears their high heels through the WHOLE reception?? :) These are so pretty, I LOOOOVE the embellishments on the toes!!!

Well thats my Tuesday Top Ten for SHOES!!!!! I love it and it was so much fun!!! What girl doesn't love shoes???? Now I have several potentials for my closet :), do you too?



  1. I wear old flip flips for slippers too! ;)
    this is a great list! thank you so much for linking up! <3

  2. Thank you this was a great theme!! Thank YOU for hosting :)!!!

  3. Love a great ballerina flat! Possibly the best and most practical shoes there are. Check me out if you have a moment, and follow me back if you like what you read :)


  4. I love tres y nueve! I love flats, even though at my height (5'1") I need a little lift, if you know what I mean! LOL!

  5. LOL I'm glad you like my little bit of Spanish flair thrown in there!!! :)

    I Love those flats!! I am actually in the process of making my own inspiration board around those shoes right now! Hope to have it live this afternoon!


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