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Save Money and DIY: Boppy Pillow Cover Tutorial

So I felt like I needed to redeem myself for the last one. Here is my second go-round with a fresh new boppy cover.  I have had the pleasure of making another boppy cover for a friend with a brand new baby boy!

You have to admit, free is nice when purchasing a boppy cover can set you back about 30 bucks! Even when I make them for myself, if I take into account the cost  of materials, I save myself money!

Lay out pattern onto your fabric!

Pin down to the fabric.  I like to pin further into the pattern so I don't crash into them with my scissors!

Slip the pattern on the contrasting fabric!

This step is optional!! I like to get an idea of the curves so i pin then clip, then just wing it while I sew, my skills with piping aren't that great yet, although I have seen MUCH improvement.

Ahh yes...and this is what happens when you make a boo boo!

So I ran out of piping, and lo and behold for this project I ran out of the color I needed! But aside from that fact it is well hidden now and barely noticeable ;)

And believe me, I have learned my lesson!!! ALWAYS BUY EXTRA!!!
So some may choose the method of folding the piping into the seam, my preferred method is to go without that lump from the two ends crossing.
So in the picture above I measure about half an inch into each end. The light brown will be going into the dark brown piping.

So with my snips, I clip the seam of the dark brown piping at just about the 
point I marked off for it.

Open up the seam, and expose the rope inside.
Next step is to cute the white rope at the point you marked your piping. Then take
the end of the fabric and fold it down to make the edge neater.

Here you will set the light brown end into the dark brown seam,
so that the white ropes from both ends are flush with each other.


and repeat for the other side.

Not so bad eh?

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