Guest Tutorial! Christine from The DIY Dreamer!!

Hi guys!!! I want to welcome my FIRST EVER guest poster!!! Christine from The D.I.Y. Dreamer!!!! 

She is a really cool chica that I had the pleasure of getting to know in the blog world, and she's got an eye for dazzle and is really great at bringing MANY creative minds together at one of her AWESOME linky parties!!!

I am so happy to have her here for you all, she's got an awesome and easy tutorial that she's going to share with you today!!! 


Hi Heavenly Blossoms Readers!!!

I'm Christine and I blog over at The D.I.Y. Dreamer!!  
I'm so VERY HAPPY to be here... Jennifer told me that you are an amazing bunch!

If you have been over at The D.I.Y Dreamer before, you already know that lately I have been obsessed (I know.. a strong word but it's true) with earrings!!  I just can't stop making them... I'm lucky that my daughters love them too!

I'm here today to share with you a super easy tutorial!  
How to make ''Cute as a Button'' Earrings!! 

 Aren't they sweet?

I saw these little guys at the store and I just HAD to buy them!


- Flat disc stud posts (Dollar Store)

- Little Mini Buttons

- Earring backs (Dollar Store)

- Krazy Glue

Step 1:

Take out your supplies.

Step 2:

Apply Krazy Glue to the back of the buttons and on the flat disc stud posts.  Glue them together.

BE VERY CAREFUL when applying the Krazy Glue.. I glued my fingers
together hehe OUPS!  I will probably not use Krazy Glue again. hehe

Step 3:

ENJOY your beautiful earrings!!

Here's my Gabrielle who's VERY happy with the cute little button earrings:

If ever you do create these earrings or anything... 
make sure to link up your creations at my linky party
''From Dream To Reality'' on Wednesdays!

Thanks for having me!


  1. That is really cute :)

  2. Very fun and I LOVE how easy they are! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Very cute! I can't wait to make a pair!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank YOU for guest posting!! You're amazing!


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