Toy's R Us, Barnes & Noble and Sidewalk Chalk

The other day we ransacked Toy's R Us and Barnes & Noble. The need for crayons inspired this trip but not only did she get her jumbo crayons, but she got a Leap Frog Tag Jr. with THREE books, she got some educational workbooks AND drumroll please......

her first case of sidewalk chalk!
[yes I did say case]

So yesterday we took a walk around the neighborhood of our complex and we picked an abandoned sidewalk.  The developer stopped making town homes, so a sidewalk intended to border another building of them, was laid but the homes were never built. Sad I know. But GREAT for us because we DREW ALL OVER!

When I say "WE", I kinda mean I had a bit more fun with the colors while she scribbled away!

I know its just sidewalk chalk, but to me its a great way to bond with my little one even more.  I only refer to them by their colors so it becomes  a learning experience while she scribbles all over the cement! She doesn't even realize and she's sooo great with her colors now!

 I really do love that she can play with sidewalk chalk, I never really had the opportunity to those kind of things growing up in apartment buildings, but she loved it! It's definitely a great day to keep in mind, and add to the book of memories before I leave for my deployment.
 Also, the best thing was that since we live nearby a bay, we had a front row view of the huge tanker ships sailing by. 

My low-angle shot of the little one, while she enjoys the sun and fresh air!

Thanks for sharing a day with me and my little sweetie!!!

Today I am linking my last photo with the Photo Challenge: From A Low Angle,  over at Our Reflection

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  1. precious! I love getting down close to the kids and capturing their sweet expressions. What fun :)

  2. Jenny,

    How fun for your daughter to get her first side chalk. Looks like you had just as much fun coloring as her!

    Love the low angle perspective of your photo. I'm visiting from the Our Reflection linky party. I would love it if you stop by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. HAHA yea...its fun she's two and she just LOVES it!! It's a daily thing now, at least when its not raining!

      Thanks I will def check you out!

  3. I love this pic! Your baby girl looks happy!

    1. Thanks Sue.. she really is a happy smart too....she always makes me smile....sometimes she even tells me too...its so cute :)


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