I know I have been REALLY REALLY MIA!!
I had a busy last few weeks but a good thing is that you will soon be able to see what I had been up to!

I was in La Isla del Encanto for the first two weeks of September and I came back to enjoy the HOME and HOME tour with EM and Jay-Z just a few days later!!

Finally got to clean up a lot of the mess I came home to, using my brandy new vacuum cleaner (yay me).  Today we had an appraiser come to our house  and I was on a mad dash to make everything spotless...if not, COZY! lol..

So right now I'm sitting in front of the boob tube watching the series premier of Detroit 1-8-7 and on the coffee table I have a huge pile of papers, some financial stuff some fashion mags, etc etc....I'm working on my resume while I still have some time on my unemployment benefits.

Babys in bed...house is just about spotless, I got my workout in today (60/120s) and now its just me time...between everything else I will gladly add posts from my vacation and the concert!!!!

Hope you guys were able to end your summer well!!!

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