and away I go...

For the next four days I will be in this wonderful beach town way down the Jersey Shore....

Its my chance to reboot, and refresh.  

Some time in the sun to relax, soak in some vitamin D, enjoy the sights and sounds, catch the Friday Night fireworks, and sleep ALLLLL night :)

I will be snapping pictures of my time, but mostly hope to come back renewed and ready to tackle all the things I plan to conquer before the end of this summer!

I have videos that I promised to record, a well as some reviews, and my own personal goal of losing all of this yucky mommy weight!!! yay!! : )  Not to mention I will be glad to share the places I went to and what I thought of them ;)

Lets hope I am able to move ten steps forward from this!

~~Ever need to take a mental day? or mental VACATION? Anything that works for you when wanting to completely start fresh and new?


  1. I need a mental vacation! hahaha. by the way very pretty blog.

  2. There is nothing like a good vacation :), hope your having a great time :).

  3. i take mental days all the time. i think everyone needs one every once in a while. :) have fun!


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