An Honor to Serve

Airman, Sailor, Marine, Soldier--Each is
someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made
payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and
including his or her life. That is an honor. Too many people in this
country today no longer understand that fact. Copy and paste this if you
are thankful for an American Military Member. Remember, Armed Forces
Day-Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today, an important day almost slipped by! Its days like today that I am thankful that I can claim to the title of U.S. Soldier, that I am proud of the decision I made to join the Military, and would do the same thing again if given the chance.  Its a day that I am proud to observe for the father of my child, a Soldier who gave four years of active duty including two year-long tours away from family and friends in Iraq, and four more years as a reservist.  It makes me thankful for the pride I am able to have in my brother, a Marine, who has so far given 9 years of his life to the Marine Corps.  And for my grandfather now deceased who as a very young man, gave his time to the US Army....

to all my brave friends family and those I love dearly home and abroad!!! Today is our day. We go above and beyond to serve our country.....and there are very few things more noble than that!

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