A Night Out!

 Yes, I was in the Danger Zone!! NEVER sit in the front row at a comedy show!

No it's not my truck (but deep down inside I wish it was!)

The BF and I had date night, we left our lovely blossom with his mom and went out to see a comedy show at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick. We saw Damon Wayans perform. It was ok but I must admit I like him on TV in character instead of standup. Needless to say I was definitely starstruck! Especially since I sat so close! Afterwards we went out to a new bar downtown called Mike's Courtside. Very nice place! He's a friend of the BF and we enjoyed our time as well as a few poses by his new truck! :)

Oh and just because I mentioned it earlier, it is NO BUENO to sit in the front row at a comedy show! It is not a matter of IF, or MIGHT, you WILL get picked on! lol Unfortunately we arrived just on-time and those were the only seats left!

Now I know!

I was hoping the BF snapped some photos that were full length cuz I was dressed pretty nicely. And the exposure is so DARK. So, I apologize! But the purse (the open one that I forgot to close lol) is from Forever 21!

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