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SO I AM A HUGE FAN OF LAUREN CONRAD, yes I did watch both series what can I say.  I think she is so classy, great fashion, has the appeal without showing a lot of skin and she carries herself gracefully. She runs her website so well!!!!  So needless to say I love to read her posts, I'm active in the book club, and I just took part of a great post, 20 questions to get to know you with.....so I decided to share my answers with you!!!
1. Favorite TV show? Nowadays, with my little one, the only time I watch TV is when her shows are on and my fav right now is Bubble Guppies!! LOL I'm sorry most may not be able to identify but, its too cute and it's educational!
2. Song I can't stop listening to is...Chris Brown and Benny Benassi - Beautiful People 
makes me feel like I'm 21 again when the feeling of freedom to go out dancing and clubbing was so fresh, new and invigorating :)
3. Red or nude lips? Nude Lips. I have pretty bright lips as it is so I have to actually tone them down!
4. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, its a way to connect with my military buds all over and network for my business.
5. Gold or silver? Well, neither, I'm really allergic to nickel so so gold but it has to be white gold with a certain Carat
6. Favorite fashion designer? (or clothing line) I used to LOOOVE Marc Jacobs thats my fantasy face….but I do love the look of Ralph Lauren now, and several British Labels.
7. Any recent travels? Had OH so much fun in Missouri for military work :)
8. Makeup you can't live without? HMMMM thats a huge tie between mascara and gloss!
9. Favorite childhood TV show? I was a BIIIIIG Mickey Mouse Club fan….don't ask lol
10. Straight, curly or wavy hair? I have naturally really curly hair, its fun, but straight is way easier to deal with.
11. What were you doing a year ago from now? New mommy, dealing with a teething 7 month old :)
12. If you could live in any era, what would it be? It's a tie between the era of Jane Austin and the Victorian era…..call me stuffy I like that values were better then and the clothing to die for!! :)
13. Where are you from? Good ol' New Jersey (Perth Amboy), and NO I do NOT fistpump!
14. Favorite food? My ethnicity is Puerto Rican, and I love our food it's such a wonderful mixture of cultures. African, Spanish, and Native Indian its colorful and bursting with flavors…..YUM
15. Makeup or fashion? I'll go with makeup :)
16. Movie you saw most recently? I just bought and saw Rio with my daughter. SOOO funny. Loved the music.
17. Nickname? Jenny, Jenny Jen, Ollie, Olland, the list goes on…
18. I'm secretly terrified of…hmmm  now it wouldn't be a secret now would it? Well let's just say I am doing everything I can to ensure a life of success for my little one.
19. Heels or flats? I love heels, have plenty, but I'm already 5'6 and most of my friends are pretty short, (I'm considered tall) So flats, end up winning by the end of the night.
20. Favorite blog on/off LaurenConrad.com so far? I love the mommy blogs of Little Miss Momma and I am a huge fan of the Lauren Conrad Book Club.
So there it is!! My twenty questions! I would love to hear your answers!! NOTE: I changed the last question for this blog because I want to pay it forward, lets share our favorite blogs and help promote each other here!!! 
1. Favorite TV show? 
2. Song I can't stop listening to is... 
3. Red or nude lips?
4. Facebook or Twitter? 
5. Gold or silver? 
6. Favorite fashion designer? (or clothing line) 
7. Any recent travels? 
8. Makeup you can't live without? 
9. Favorite childhood TV show? 
10. Straight, curly or wavy hair? 
11. What were you doing a year ago from now? 
12. If you could live in any era, what would it be? 
13. Where are you from? 
14. Favorite food? 
15. Makeup or fashion? 
16. Movie you saw most recently? 
17. Nickname? 
18. I'm secretly terrified of... 
19. Heels or flats? 
20. Favorite blog so far??
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