Sorry Charlie!! Our puppy got spayed yesterday.

So the day finally showed up where my poor girl of the canine variety lost..her womanhood :(

 Charlotte, mostly known as Charlie, is the fluffiest little Havanese you will ever see....she came into our home at just over 8 weeks. A sable coat little fluffball with the perkiest little gait not seen on other breeds :D

Little Charlotte the first day.

Our new companion...

A few months later, all her puppy hair is gone!
I have such mixed emotions about the spay procedure.  Its so extreme to me, and I was filled with mixed feelings so I thought about the pros & cons....

      ~She won't get various cancers
      ~She won't go into heat, prompting escapes or otherwise.

      ~Her womanhood is virtually yanked out of her...
      ~She will be in world of pain for a couple what might just feel like forever. :(
      ~I'm afraid she won't be the same dog again.

Of course those aren't the only pros or cons, but between trying to see the reasoning behind it, and of course the signature on the breeder's contract, I only had to reschedule one time.
So that morning, we took her to the hospital...the hospitals server was down and we were there an extra hour before they were up and running again.

     She. was. SUCH. a. good. dog.

Charlie sat still and quietly, didn't bark at all, and was happy to be in my lap or the baby's.  Thanks to the delay, we both got to cuddle a little longer.

But then, the vet's aid came out to take her away, and if you could believe it, it was like she knew what was about to happen. Her eyes changed.  And as the nurse walked away with our dog in her arms...her little head was seen poking out of the side looking at us with such sad eyes. Almost if she wanted us to reach back for her and run away back home......

It was the longest day EVER.

On every other day, 3PM comes right after 10AM....but yesterday was a day that felt like I could get it all done, no, not because she was away, but because I kept my ears peeled hoping I wouldn't get a call too early or if there WAS a call I would at least catch it.  I will tell you all right now, I am so glad we DID NOT ever get that call :)

3PM comes around.....FINALLY
I called Banfield, to check on her status. It was a breeze and she did well and was currently in recovery. I would be able to pick her up in just a few hours! :)

Just picked up from the hospital, in need of another haircut, but oh so sad.

She seemed sooo sad when we got her back.....and then my feelings were hurt too....because this was my fault.  Poor girl was in pain, and not her jovial self. It was really tough looking at her...because those PUPPY.DOG. EYES.....were all I could was hard...I didn't really know what to do.

I realized then, that I needed to cut it out...that she's not just some dog...she's a companion and whats done was done, that it wasn't about what I felt, it was about HER...

SO what I'm deciding to do instead,  is to love on this dog more than ever....give her extra belly rubs, praise her a little more and hey, coddle her too....its the least I could exchange to who she has been and will be to us, God-willing.
Aside from our potty training issues (which will be remedied), she's a great dog and we, especially our little one,  look forward  the gift of many years of loyal companionship.

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