A Weekly Cleaning Schedule Made Easy!

I lead life as a jack-of-all-trades  busy mom. It's what happens when you have a little girl starting her "terrible twos" early, a 6-month old puppy with a recent surgical procedure,  being nursed back to normalcy.

Oh, and did I mention I am taking myself seriously and starting a business? YES More on that HERE...

In between the baby, puppy, new business and therefore crafting, there is also the cleaning:




                        MOPPING AND SWEEPING......AND THE LIST GOES ON! 

 So since my little girl was about 6 months, (before the puppy and Heavenly Blossoms) I devised this daily schedule, to keep myself accountable, and to keep it all from piling up!

Its not the most perfect schedule, and yes there are a few things missing, but for the most part it covers the bases and simplifies it ahead of time and saves my sanity!

Here it goes:

Monday: Upstairs Hallway and  Guest Bathroom - Vacuum, mop (bathroom), toilets, tub, shower, sink, mirror, and replenish supplies as needed - this just means pulling toilet paper, toothpaste, Febreze air freshener from our big Sam's club stash downstairs)

Tuesday: Baby's Room -Reorganize clothes, since she is growing so much I take the time each week to pull out all the clothes she doesn't fit into anymore and pack them up for family or charity), dusting, organize, vacuum, ORGANIZE {because she's my shadow little helper, this usually happens twice since her idea of organize is take it out to play :)}

Wednesday: Master Bedroom and Bathroom - dust, clean, organize, vacuum. (Funny how it looks so short & sweet when this day probably take the LOOOONGEST!

Thursday:  Living Room - Dust, clean, sweep, vacuum and polish floor. (Don't get me wrong here, my idea of polishing the floors is via some Method Wood Floor Cleaner and  Microfiber Swiffer type thing!)

Friday: Dining Room - Clean, Dust, Sweep, Vacuum & "polish" floors, as well as REorganize files, and computer desk and craft area.

Saturday:  Kitchen and 1st Fl 1/2 Bath- A thorough cleaning of counter, floor, and sink in both rooms. Steam mop kitchen floor, and replenish supplies (i.e. toilet paper, air freshener and paper towel).

Sunday:  Guest Room - Dust, Clean, Organize, Vacuum

**Each day that room's laundry gets done also, for example on Monday its the Guest Bathroom I would switch out the towels, and wash the dirty ones, or if its Wednesday.....::shudder:: its ALL of our clothes, towels, and sheets, etc. etc......**

~~~I set one day just for groceries and errands, Thursdays and Fridays early morning or early afternoon. Its the best because since I do not work outside the home at the moment I can beat the crowds AND here's a tip, most stores use Thursday for their ship day, so the shelves are well stocked or getting there in time for the weekend!~~~

Oh and yes I do cook in between that lol...I like to start around three so it's all done within a reasonable time before DH goes off to work. The cleaning HAS to get done as SOON as I wake up or else it will never get down, there will most likely be too many interruptions throughout the day, and if I save it for the end of the day....lol yeah...like that's gonna happen!

       What's your version of this?? Anything you do differently? I would love to hear your opinion and it would be great to have the tips from those more "experienced" to share!!! :)


  1. Sounds like you have a good system going for you. My routine is a bit different. I simply keep a list of what needs to be done each day/week/month/etc and mark things off as I have time to do them. I try to clean for about 1 hr per day. May seem disorganized but it works for me.


  2. Yes!! I have to admit its really helpful. Its just me cleaning, so if I slack or deviate it just piles on more work.I wish I could be easier on myself but I know how I can get lol!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


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