This is how I cheer up! (after a rough day)


                    was going ok....Charlie was doing really well.  

She was groomed today and looked sooooo fabulous. 

But then... 
   my day turned super yucky.

   I couldn't describe what I felt exactly. Was I mad? disappointed? I just didn't know.

I was driving as this was going on....and I was on my way home and I realized...

I had to forget about it and DRIVE ON...

And of course it paid off, because as soon as that door opened...I heard.....


I walked up those stairs and gave her a big ol' squeeze, kissed her cheeks and spent the rest of evening playing games and making silly faces with her.

 I'm all smiles now because my little one is really good at taking my mind off of the bad and making those little positives so much better.  

And now that she's in bed and all snuggled up while I sit down and write this out to you, I try to keep riding on that good wave, and keep my mind off of what brought me down today.

Thank goodness for friends, moscato, and back to back episodes of glee.

What do you guys do when you have one  of "those" days?

and....just one more question....

Isn't this the CUTEST!?

PS: Love that episode where the boys battle the girls for the opening song!

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  1. If I'm having "one of those days", a walk on the farm with our cattle dog, Solo, can't help but raise my spirits and put things into perspective. He takes such joy in small things like chasing a butterfly, barking at the geese on the dam, digging at mole holes, getting "doggy cookies" from me, and leaping from one side of the creek to the other. HE knows what's important in life. :) ... it's those "little things" like "MoMMeeeee!"

    (from a SITS Sister :-))


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