Launch of my New Blog Design by Wonder Forest!!!

I started blogging over a year ago.  But I never took it seriously enough!

       I thought:
            Why would I? I am not the best writer, not by far! 
               Would I have the courage to share as well as others have?
Would anyone even bother reading?

   It took me awhile but I finally realized, why not? Why am I beating myself down ahead of time?  If it's  something I do know, it's the fact that you will never know until you try!

"There is no failure except in no longer 

trying. "
           ~ Elbert Hubbard

So here I am, writing to you guys with a renewed commitment to blogging on Heavenly Blossoms, and everything that goes with it! 

This blog is going through a major makeover and I want to get it done just right!

One of the things I wanted to vamp up was my blog layout, it's something I looked into as the foundation for everything else related to Heavenly Blossoms!

What serendipity it was when I found out that Dana of Wonder Forest was offering her talents in design services in a post on her blog!!! 

So I hit her up (cuz I'm cool like that :P) with an email as soon as I was done reading the post....and she wrote back RIGHT AWAY and was completely down with portraying my interests and the purpose of this blog into the design!

Now let me tell you a little bit something about Dana. She's awesome! No really she is!  I read her designing  background on this post and while I thoroughly appreciate that she is venturing off to a new direction in designing, I am truly impressed with the multitude of success she has had!

To top it off she put up with me as if I was the easiest person to get along with!!! She was incredibly easy to work with and it was all done via email. She works quickly and the high quality of work is easy to see 

via her work samples here.

And did I mention how sweet she is that I even got the shot-out from her on her latest post???

I feel like one of the cool kids now!!!!

So there you have's my new blog design I hope you love it because I do and it feels good to know that things are finally coming together! 

I really appreciate you stopping by!!!


She has the CUTEST little shop on Etsy with a collection of items JUST in time for HALLOWEEN!!! Make sure to check it out!!!


  1. aw you are too sweet! i am so happy you're happy with your blog now, and it was a pleasure creating the design for you!
    xo Dana

  2. Love your site! It looks great!

  3. Thank you Ginny!!! It feels good to have a complete vision coming to life.


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