Wednesday Weigh-In #2! Eating healthy and my current workout routine.

Ok anyone out there hurtin? If I had a dime for every time someone asked the question of "Are you okay?" I would be a happy camper!! And a shopping trip would be in order!

I have been pretty good since last Wednesday, my first step was to start eating healthier, investing in that meant,

buying bags of frozen grilled chicken (pretty yummy )

Steamables! All you have to do is pop the bag into the microwave for the time it says on the bag and you are good to go (and these are a MAJOR convenience since Im in training and don't have the necessary resources for home-cooked meals)! It's a pretty delicious meal when paired with the grilled chicken and I never add butter I take it straight up! And it's STILL yummy!
Vitamins! Preferably multivitamins!!

Yes.  I do eat these.....yes, I am 30.

and LOTS of water!!!

I also dropped the coffee.....yup no coffee!!! Which knocks out the cream and sugar!!! In the meantime I still require a bit of a caffiene fix, and with that I drink green tea! No milk NO sugar....for first-timers it is really worth a shot to try it by itself, I just happened to like it straight, and I am really happy about that....the plus is that green tea is really good with giving your metabolism a boost so more for me!!! These are my favorites:
maybe one day I'll be able to go caffeine free......

I also started my workout regimen! On Monday I started Insanity, it's a REALLY GREAT PROGRAM.  Its a blend of cardio and muscle failure exercises!

I  work along with the calendar they provide to play a different workout out dvd each day of the week! As far as today I have muscles that hurt that I didn't know existed! It hurts to sneeze!!!  Here are the results of my first fit test!

It's a bit tough to see the numbers top to bottom are: 61, 35, 54, 14, 9, 6, 3, 26.

**Note: My exhausted handwriting in the above photo.....good times.**

Ok I don't want to turn you guys off to it. It's a GOOD hurt! The kind that makes you think, "Oh yeah, Mission: Hot Bod, is now in process"   I can already feel the differences.
I can also say that its only as bad as it is now because I haven't really worked out in a long time.  So I will let you know in a week or two how I feel!

(FYI this is not for the faint of heart! If you aren't sure about this, CONSULT your phsycian first, its a tough program, so make sure your body is sound and capable of attempting without high risk of injury!!)

 So there it is! Week 1 down, starting new (GOOD) habits and getting my body back into a shape that ISN'T ROUND!  

Week 4 I will do an actual weigh-in to see the lbs lost and inches if any! It is better to break up weigh-ins, weighing yourself everyday will only discourage you and give you a false sense of underachievement.  Give yourself time in between so your body can change and so that you can gauge what works and what doesn't!

 As of last week I was 216  but I dropped 6lbs since Oct 3 (ugh I hate admitting that but at least its an improvement)! My measurements were Neck: 15in. Waist: 32 Hips: 42 -- both my hips and waist dropped down almost three inches in each since the beginning of October!

I would really love to hear about what has worked for you! "Weigh-In' below in the comments section and also tell me if you think a linky party with health related posts (recipes, workout routines, whats in your gym bag?) works for everyone! Becuase as soon as I figure out the techy stuff behind it I would really love to get started on it!! 

Til' next week!!!


  1. You're doing GREAT! Personally I do Weight Watchers, but trick-or-treat week was NOT kind to me. Back on the horse next week...

  2. Hey love. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm currently hosting a scrapbooking giveaway for Christmas. :)

    Felicity. x


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