Wednesday Weigh-In!

This is SOOO not my body. HA!


I've been SUPER lazy. I'm just REALLY lucky that I lost 6 POUNDS and about 2 1/2 INCHES or even more!!!

It's pretty amazing I'll tell ya.

But I really need to motivate! I've done well as far as numbers go, but when I return home, I will have a PT test to pass, and lets just say this........after almost a month here, I am NO closer to reaching that goal!

But where do I find that motivation?

Man I sure wish I could borrow some from my nesting days when I was pregnant! I used to get SO frustrated  when the urge to just pump out some pushups would be pushed away for my belly being in the way. I even used to RUN! 

         YES, ....RAN...I only stopped because of fears of miscarriage as well as one experience where I could actually feel her bouncing around. So I decided no more of that!  I just wish it was just as easy to just get up and do it, as it was before!

But that lightbulb pops on, and it shows what I need to realize and the truth is, it was NEVER that easy! 


As a matter of fact, it SUCKED! I loathed every morning of PT. I DESPISED every moment DURING the run.  It didn't EVER feel fun unless I was doing some serious self-coaching and/or saw some improvement!

Only after then as I would head for the showers, would my body feel all shapely AND good lookin'.  


I was ready to challenge anyone to a race, YES after just finishing the above said despicable run!

The point is, it won't be a peachy happy go lucky ride to our big goals. WHY SHOULD IT??
Wouldn't that just make any goal less worthwhile?  LESS of an accomplishment?! 

I think that when you deal with a level of struggle and push through that and make it TO that GOAL you FEEL STRONGER! MORE CONFIDENT than BEFORE! And before you know it that rush comes along to get right back into that race with an even better, HIGHER, goal.

 It's through the struggle where we learn our best lessons,  usually about ourselves.


And so, to get myself back into the race.  I am going to have the responsibility of holding myself accountable to you all every WEDNESDAY with my journey through weight loss and fitness improvement!!

I want to share with you the things I try that work or DON'T work.  If I find healthy alternatives to junk food or if I use tricks to help this journey along the way, I'll be sure to share those tips with you!!! If I mess up, rest assured I will be honest and share that too. Because I'm not perfect and if I have a setback I will get back on track and share what I did to do so.

So get ready ladies (and fellas), for those that want to join, let's take charge of our health!!! :)

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  1. Wow! Did this post come at the right moment! I went back to Weight Watchers a few weeks ago and while I have lost some weight, I haven't been as focused as I should be. And exercise? Ugh! I've never been a good exerciser, although I can totally relate to what you said about the feelings AFTER it's done. You would think remembering that kind of high would make it easier to get going the next day. Never seems to work that way. Thanks for the boost today! And good luck to you. Sounds like you're doing great. :)


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