I hit 100 on Facebook!!

My OH MY!!

I have had a whirlwind weekend!  It is unbelievable just how amazing the internet can be with connecting with people you would otherwise unlikely meet in person!  There are so many talented individuals, following their dreams and taking charge of their happiness and potential!

I have been lucky enough to be a fan of Agape Love Designs on Facebook for awhile now, and she is always posting on Facebook and her blog.  She's a hardworking momma, let me tell you!

So she, in partnership with Vintage Wanna BeeThe Knotty Nani Boutique, and The Posh Daisy started this Facebook Fest!

It was a great way to get to know and get connected with the lovely individuals who are filled with an immense amount of talent, and oozing with potential for success in each of the respective niches! :)

It was also really great for me!!! Because I went from about 72 likes in about 8 months on my Facebook fan page to 119 and COUNTING within the weekend!!!!

YES my lovelies.....Heavenly Blossoms broke ONE HUNDRED!!!!!

I even gained a few new followers on my beloved blog that I CLEARLY need to attend to better!!!

SO, to celebrate breaking  ONE HUNDRED!!!!!  (yes I'm excited)

I am going to host a giveaway THIS WEEK!!! I am working on expanding my inventory and I also want to work out all the details so I can do this as fair as I possibly can!

More good news!! I'm looking for SPONSORS!!!....(emphasis on plenty LOL) to start swapping SPONSOR SPACE :)

I will be starting this February, ad size will be 125X125 I am also looking to branch out work on blog swaps, other giveaways, and features! Yes, I know I don't have those super big super popular blogs. But I realize it doesn't have to be. All I know is that I want to share what I want to share with those who will listen (read).  That sharing includes other small businesses like mine because I believe in paying it forward, I believe in sharing the talents of individuals and recommending business that are on the up and up to friends who are willing to take it. I believe that even as small a scale I am working on now, I can still reach so many with the power of the internet, that is what the FB follow fest has shown me and now I am going to put more in to get more out of it. :)

Contact me at Jennifer at heavenly-blossoms dot com

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