My day in pictures....

I'm home and it feels good.

I got to mess around with my craft table today. Finally using my new craft station was satisfying

In between that I got to hang out with my little one...after being gone so long, its taking her some time to warm up to me again.....never thought I would ever say that, and to be honest it sucks....but today was a good day and we were giggling and laughing together. It was great...

Got a shot of my sleepy little doggy too...she loves to bask in the sunlight. Especially since it gets so cold on our first level (shoddy construction D: )

Ok, so this is really a video, but it made me laugh and if you have been following football this year than you are aware of Tim Tebow and the media circus that surrounds him, then you will laugh at this too. Jimmy Fallon is quite epic with his rendition of Major Tom!

I got to end my day with a fabulous picture I found online, we always get caught up in sometimes making these unrealistic standards and beat ourselves down when we don't measure up, soooo this picture really put it into perspective for me.

Well that's all I got guys!!!

Hope it made you smile!!! Please share any goodies that did the same for you today! :)


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