My weekend and the Blue Man Group!

This past Saturday I was surprised with a trip to NYC, and tickets to see the Blue Man Group! 

So the baby was taken early to her grandmother's house while I got ready, then we headed out to New York City!

 I took these two pictures after coming through the Holland Tunnel and then driving through Chinatown! Love the building! But it wouldn't be New York if there wasn't some kind of scaffolding happening here!

It had been a few months.....that may sound like a short time to many of you, but for me its like a lifetime! When I was in my early twenties, I may have hit the city, 4 or five times a week! Shopping, socializing, sight-seeing, food, what have you....I was there and I loved every minute of it!

So we did a bit of a stroll but the wind was TOO crazy, so we waited inside for the doors to open for the theatre. Our show was at 5, with the doors opening 15 minutes prior.  I am glad we waited inside of the theatre because the line got REALLY LONG!

About the show:


Photos and Video were not allowed whatsoever once we were inside the theatre until the end of the show, which I can agree with since they deserve to be seen live.  I wish I could tell you every detail that went on! But if I did I would really ruin it for you, so the best I can say is DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY, check it out where you are as soon as you can! Its funny, surprising, bright, and you will bop your head to the music, it really is a great show they are all SO talented! A fair does get interactive!! But to make it even better grab up the front row seats in the poncho section! you won't regret it!

I even got to take pictures with the Blue Men afterwards!!!

{That's how they say Thank You :)}

After the big finale, we realized it was only just before what better to do than grab a bite to eat?!

So we decided to drive from NOHO to Tribeca and get some good Puerto Rican food at this great restaurant called Sazón.

Good ol' NYC cabs!

In the section where you see only white tables...we sat in the dead center one! :)

The beautiful bar area via

This was my glass of was really good! And I just love the stemless goblet!

So about Sazón. It's......DELICIOUS!!!! Honestly I have pictures of the meals we ate, but it was SO dark, it would have done a HUGE disservice! Just trust me on this one. For the appetizer we had Carne Frita, which basically deep fried chunks of beef, they give you a lime wedge and a dip I like to call Mayo Ketchup (trust me you'll like it).  I had the Ropa Vieja which was savory shredded beef with arroz gon gandules, which is yellow rice with pigeon peas. My mouth is watering right now as I think about it! lol And the portions.....well lets just say that you will definitely have enough for lunch and dinner the next day!
We closed it out with a traditional Puerto Rican dessert called Flan, and I had a not so Puerto Rican Cappucino to top it off!! :)

We were all stuffed and ready to take our doggie bags home when my brother shot me a text saying he was in NYC also. He lives in NC and doesn't get to visit home much because of the military, so it was a treasure to have him home this week!

So he came by and just so you know we convinced him and his girlfriend to help us finish the $45 pitcher of Sangria! We were definitely not going to do it the waiter set us up in the lounge area downstairs and we had a hilarious time!

We danced to old school music like goofballs and we had our sibling "love/rivalry" quips back and forth.   We even made friends with the people around us, which were probably a little too happy from the happy juice they were drinking! It was definitely a great night of laughs!

Look at that thorn in my side.....o little brother of mine!! HAHA (look at those evil eyes....I knew it)

So our initial plan was to meet up and finish the sangria and check out a movie in Times Square, but we ended up having a lot of fun so we stayed and partied to the wee hours of ONE A.M. like the old fogies we are...since our normal bedtime is like 9 or 10 on a good day!

You know its a good time when you're so tired you forget to change into pajamas!!! All in all it was, food, and music...was a great way to spend my Saturday, with family and friends!!! 

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