OK.....SO i FINALLY catch a wee arms are sooo tired!! Babygirl has been quite fussy this afternoon and after a nice tight swaddle that she really didn't want to be in...she went out cold!! and now she slumbers...looking like a Little Mummy!!!

So anyone out there that might find my little speck of blog in this great big blog universe, and enjoy reading these two fresh ones I have put out for you all today. Let me know how I'm doing so far :)

And for you blog professionals....I am trying to figure out a way to make my blog title more of a banner....I know what images and possibly designs I would prefer to use for it..however I have no idea to add it in (seems like there isn't enough space for HTML codes).

Well its nice to really stop and take a breath here. My boyfriend is off playing Army for several weeks and I'm @ my his parents house, it give me a chance to have some time to myself, go online, get in touch with friends, and handle the biz..yadda yadda yadda!!

Postpartum life is NOT easy, I keep reminding myself that I was once in incredible shape, and I can always do it again!!! However, finding the time for that has been pretty tough! I am sooo inspired by all the new gear coming out from my fav stores. Forever 21 makes plenty of money off of me, even when prego and having a baby, I just can't resist those ACCESSORIES!!! :) I've also been bombarded with emails from Urban Outfitters, and these little emails just give me more motivation along with everything else to push myself to run harder, do one more pushup or one more situp, to get to where I was again!
just to find the time!! ;)

I hope you guys enjoy, its probably pretty boring so far but I would greatly appreciate some tips and opinions to keep this going! I like it so far and I hope to get to a point where I can give back to the audience! :) I have alot to offer you all with regards to my background :)

Anything in regards to clothes, makeup, babies, and military, and then some....I'd be glad to give you all a glance!

xoxo JennyO!

PS....I am also planning on posting some vids, maybe one of my creative recipes or handling my oh so curly hair :) feel free to comment on that too!!!

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