My fresh face courtesy of Walgreens!!!!

Hey people!
Got some goodies this weekend! I cant wait to share my first hand experience with it all. I always feel we need to get honest opinions based on real experience by real consumers without motivation to get freebies from companies.  

This is my first blog in quite awhile so it might be a little long. Lol but I bought some things this past weekend @ Walgreens and I also ordered some makeup goodies from Coastal Scents and Stila via as soon as those items come in I will definitely share them with you and if ihave some extra time, I'll put up a vid of the review. (Its better seeing me blabbermouth than having to read it all! ;P. 

So after a HUGE battle with the springtime allergies, dry spots and red spots on my face let me know that I needed to intervene with something more than my usual facewash and hydrating with water. 
So...inspired by a lovely youtube video by DULCECANDY87, I decided to pick up the great big tub Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream to help with th dryness.

Well. To all my lady friends and fellow mommies....we all have our fair share of sleep deprivation and self neglect. Well LET ME TELL YOU.....if u are looking to having you face feeling rejuvenated and refreshed then buy what I bought! 

I went to go get this cream knowing that my face was already too dry and cracked and red to just slough on some cream and expect a miracle. So I need to exfoliate. A good deep cleansing to start a new canvas with and because of the commercial yes, and the lovely 30% off Walgreens had on it, I chose the Neutrogena Wave Duo power facial cleanser. 

I came hope spent my day with my lovees and right before this blog I tried it. I added water and put an exfoliating pad that i purchased separately. It was slow rolling at first but I took my time and it very gently exfoliated my face as I rolled the cleaner over every dip and curve making sure to cover everything. I got a decent lather at the end and it was a pleasant tingling feeling from it letting me know it was working!  After a good 2 min of through exfoliating and deep cleansing, I rinsed.  I thought it was residue but after several splashes to rinse my face, I had a whoah! moment and realized yes my face was THAT smooth! It felt sooo refreshing and new! So I pat dry and before my face started feeling too tight I got about a quarter size dollop of the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, and spread it around. And I can't stress enuff right now how clean and smooth cool and fresh my entire face feels right now!  
The red spots an blemishes from my allergies are still on my face but for less then 30 bucks altogether I don't expect miracles! I do have faith that with a weekly exfoliating and deep cleansing along with daily cleansing, my face should look as refreshed as it feels! And I promise I'll keep you guys updated including a before and after of my lovely mug ;)

Look forward to seeing responses,comments, and questions!

Until my amazon goodies come in tata for now! ;)

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