These are the days....

my little girl up to this point has been Miss Independent.  She's not one to cuddle too much or hang with Mommy or Daddy. She's a strong little woman....and very good at lounging in her own chair instead of sitting next to Mommy...

yet the last week and a half or so we have been hit with 

teething (about five new teeth including pre-molars)




the ever loathed stomach virus!

My poor little one has become quite clingy.  She is always by my side, and if she isn't by my side, then she is laying in my arms or resting on my shoulder, which she used to hate doing. I must admit she is a real trooper, being hit with so much she still sleeps through the night, 

As much as I hate the fact that she's sick, I love that it gives me the opportunity to cuddle with her, lay with her, and that she constantly runs up to me for "Up! Up!" 

And I get to pick her up while she just lays her warm little head in the crook of my neck and her little hands grip my sides and my neck for dear life....

When she was born, there was an issue where she may have swallowed (and she did) some meconium, so the moment she came into our lives my hopes for her to be laid into my arms were dashed.

Way after they checked her and cleaned her up...Still so happy to have her.
For the 1st 30 minutes of her life she went right to the cradle scale to be attended to and I laid on the other side of the room...happy because she was here, happy that she was crying (and breathing) and she was being taken care of as she needed to, but incredibly sad because I didn't I didn't get to hold her, and I barely caught a glimpse of her as doctors, nurses and family members crowded around to get a better look.....

  its the days like these that I will remember....AND CHERISH.

not because of how sick or miserable she was necessarily, but because I know that she isn't a baby anymore, she's a toddler, and the days where I get to cradle and soothe this little tiny person in my arms are disappearing fast.

and it will feel sooner than later when she's too old for hugs, and kisses and laying with Mommy.

I will remember these days as the moments where Little Leilani feels better only in Mommy's arms...where I can look at her little face and just relish the fleeting moments.  To enjoy the feeling of holding this little person ever so dependent on me, my love and my warmth. 

My little "Boo"...just a couple of months ago.
She is the reason why I don't mind the sleepless nights, the crafts and projects that I have yet to accomplish, the blogging I have been absent from, and  the pile of schoolwork that I leave to the 11th hour....
Her love, and loving her makes me happier than anything else.....everything I do, is for her :)

I love being a MOM!! ♥♥♥

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