From Boppy BOOO to BOPPY RAWR baby! :)

My Boppy Cover KNOCKOFF!!!

SO, I realize that I should make much more of a commitment to this blog :( and I don't. SHAME ON ME.....Hopefully today should end that.  Thanks to THIS BLOG I have been encouraged to make a post simply to show and tell :)

So today I have decided to share my beginners skills on a boppy (nursing/baby) pillow cover! :)
Let me just tell you how awesome boppys are!

~It's great from day one, I had mine at the hospital to nurse my itty bitty when she was born!
Wait, thats not me!

Even as our LO got older, it remained a part of our daily lives!

Unfortunately, so did the slipcover.....

which is in EVERY picture! Its not ugly but it gets old really fast! What can I say, I finally found the time to make a change!

I took inspiration from a blanket that my daughter has which is has a minkee(sp?) brown fabric on one side with a pink shaggy fabric on the other bordered with a fleece leopard cute and luxurious! lol!

The effect of its LUXURY! lol

So I went out for this project and as a beginner I decided to keep it simple! I found this pattern on sale at Joann's.  And I purchased the materials required at Wal-Mart.  Then I finally took the time to complete my project following the directions on the pattern.

Boring ol' Boppy without the cover.
The snazzy velcro enclosure!

This particular pattern calls for the envelop style where the pillow is stuffed and I do mean STUFFED into the slip where one piece overlaps the other.  There is black piping along the edges and it is sealed closed with velcro.

So there you have it. It goes in with her safari theme, but adds a bit more girly flare (IS IT ENOUGH PINK FOR YOU? LOL)

Maybe I will update this soon with her in it, she's a lounger and a big reader (well picture looker at'er anyway) so hopefully I can catch her in it again with the new cover :)

I am also planning to make another one tailored for a good friend's baby boy who has yet to arrive! :)

So what do you guys think? I would love to hear your opinions and constructive criticism and I hope to do (and share) more of these projects! :) Thanks for reading!!!!

Show and Tell Green

And thank you to Blue Cricket Design for allowing me to show and tell today! <3<3<3<3

**Now the only downside was the pillow seemed to be too small for the finished product, so either my pattern cutting abilities are lacking or my boppy is worn in a bit. Next time I think I will trace the pillow into the fabric.  Which also reminds me that I prefer the zipper enclosure of the other cover.  While inserting a zipper may prove to be more difficult, in the long run it will be easier to put on and remove the cover.**

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