Getting healthy for a GREAT cause

Good Morning Everyone!

So with being a mommy, not being in the Active Army and also not having much leeway to go out for runs on my own, I have decided to force myself into shape FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!

This year's resolution is to get healthy while helping others get healthy. I have decided to attempt every run/walk I come across. It's a great opportunity to get in shape by running and /or walking, while fundraising to give back to those who need it most, for example the runs/walks I am going to participate in will benefit the Special Olympics, Breast Cancer research and Lymphoma. I also intend to do one or two in support of Autism.

My first one is in April, it's called the Lincoln Tunnel challenge where the 5k is ran straight through one of the tubes that cross the Hudson River from New Jersey into New York. Isn't that so cool? How many of us will be able to say "I ran the Lincoln Tunnel"  I really can't wait and I have begun to focus on my running in order to bring my current run time down. The lower it gets can only mean the healthier I get, and the runs I do mean money is being given to organizations that benefit others :)

So from now until the event, you will see my newly added gadget on the right, that measures the donations received for this run.  Donations would be greatly GREATLY APPRECIATED....and its true what they say....

Every little bit counts....

I will also provide the actual website to process those donations, just comment me for directions and I will be happy to give you all of my info for the site. I also intend to document this run and hope to share it with you all!!!!

Click HERE to check out the race, join the race, or donate to a runner/walker. :) Comment if you need my full name to sponsor me :)

Thanks so much guys I hope you all have a great week, and cheers to good health!!!


  1. I can not wait to do this with you bunk buddy!!! I'm excited!!

  2. I can't wait either!!! Oh wait....maybe I can, just a little. hehe I need to bring my run time down!!! Its gonna feel good to do something nice like this though :)


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