Kitchen Drawer De-clutter!!

Okay SO you ever just get sick and tired of a cluttered kitchen drawer? I MOST DEFINITELY DID. You know the one, where you try to open it there's some spatula or wooden spoon that mysteriously lodged itself in between the end of the drawer and the front of the counter. You know what I mean....where the drawer opens MAYBE and inch or two? Just BARELY enough to get your fingers in to nudge the object out of the way so you can open the drawer again.

Well thats where I was with this one. I don't have a very big kitchen so storage is a real challenge. And more often than not, I run out of space for things. So I decided to clean it up a bit and finally pop in those liners to keep from everything sliding around when I fling the bad boy open.  These little cushiony things are great...the best part is that they come in rolls and you can customize them to fit any space needed! :) So maybe I may just make some CUTESY coasters, now that I think about it!

So I rolled it out in the drawer to get a good length.

I used scissors to get a good crease in the edges so that it made it easier to cut the right width.

Then I found my imaginary line and cut straight along the squares.

I added my baking,and cooking utensils nice and neat and now with the liner they STAY PUT!
AHHH a great feeling see it look exactly the same when I open the drawer as I left it when I closed it!

Now on to the next one.....the eternally cluttered junk drawer!
just a bit of a clean up...i guess I'll have to do more thinking on this one.

For those little things like the rings that come with measuring cups or spoons that just get in the way....
So I didn't need this ring for my measuring cups but I kept it  for another  purpose...

potholders! After all what good are they if they are at the bottom of a drawer?

I just hooked them onto the ring..

and PRESTO!!! lol easy access!!

Yes I know I don't have a color scheme in my kitchen....I kinda need some assistance there! lol

What do you think? Any suggestions/ideas? Care to share your own posts on the same? 

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