My night out....

Had a nice a lot taken care of that makes me feel pretty accomplished. I  scored an A- on my first In-Class essay for my English Class on Saturday (I'm also a full-time student). I also got my HAPPY ring from Little Miss Momma's Etsy Store!! Pictures and gushing over my loveliest new accessory is below!

Saturday night was Mommy's night was good to sleep in on Sunday and get a few things taken care of while the little one was at Grandma's. But I really missed her, and honestly I would have been better spending it with her :)
It was nice to get glammed up for once in a month or two :)

And now....the ring.

Is this not the cutest packaging? So simple yet so special! It was like a little treat, something Alice  would find in Wonderland..all it missed was a tag that said "OPEN ME".
This is me loving my new ring :) and yes Happy makes me HAPPY....

My best Rita Hayworth pose :P

So thank you LITTLE MISS MOMMA for allowing us to indulge in these little  splendors of joy, its the little things in life that can truly make us feel  happy AND glamorous :)
Please also visit her ETSY shop guaranteed you won't be able to resist owning something from there! I think my next purchase will be the mustachio necklace...its just too awesome to pass up!

Again thanks to LMM :) please also check out her blog, if you are a mommy, its definitely a great read and its good to know that there are mommies out there with the same worries and emotions and the better moments captured and she is willing to share it all. :)

Here's my little heavenly blossom, who found the box and was ecstatic!!! lol It's so small so she loves it compared to the big ol' economy diaper boxes and that her toys come in...if only I captured her  face when she found out it opened! lol Gotta love being a mommy!


  1. Awww, you are sooo sweet! Thank you thank you thank you for this supper sweet post! the Happy ring looks great on you!!! and your daughter is adorable!

  2. Thanks soooo much!!! A total honor from you!!! :)


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