It's Spring Because My Nails Say So!!

Heylo Everyone!!
Well today has felt like a pretty productive day for me. I actually cleaned out and reorganized some drawers in my kitchen, cleaned off the counter did my usually rounds with the lil' one and studied for my History Mid-Term. I even threw some laundry in the mix, because c'mon....who doesn't love doing that? wink wink

So I had my first Mid-Term of the semester, a test of whether I can keep information in this old dome of mine. Hopefully I didn't do half bad! I winded my day down with the little one at her grandma's house, then went home and put her to bed. The days I have class are the days she gets to enjoy family and play with her cousin if she happens to be there. Which is great. She needs the social interaction.
Look at these two lil' cuties....
So I'm home and I'm so disappointed in the polish of my last manicure. It was an Essie color that did not belong to me and after just TWO days it was pretty much chipped away. I usually hear so many good things about that brand of nail polish, but I haven't had many good experiences. They seem to chip pretty quickly and it seems that it takes three or more coats just to get the color you see in the bottle.

Well I was sick of looking at my crusty little sausage fingers in that way, so I decided to have a do-over. Just last week we had a nice little spurt of great weather, and it seemed that spring was here. But alas! A snow storm just days after that! WOMP WOMP

So I spruced up my home and the weather spruced up my spirits so why not my nails?! :) I dug into my little collection and picked up Pop of Poppy by Nicole by O-P-I. I have several Nicole polishes and they have never failed me! So when a new color comes out and catches my eye, it's mine! Looking at them type away make me happy...even if there is a bunch of gloomy slush on the ground and a never ending pile of laundry upstairs ;)


As always, start with clean nails and remove any old polish. File if needed and clean it up around the edges :)

This is the polish I used for the base coat and top coat. I like it, it's a bit strong but no way stronger than nailtique which is great but I can only tolerate that smell for so long! (I think I'll save that for the summer when I can do my nails outside on the patio!.....ahh summer hmmm :)

I know you like my polish and photo taking skills...."How did she do that?",  Magic ladies....magic.


This is the lovely lovely polish that I used today. It might seem more summery, but the color I think, is great for spring, pair it up with light florals for a nice pop of color!

"There it is! She did it again!"...ok ok I give. I used the self-timer hehe.

WAHHHH I made a boo boo. Little sausages aren't so easy to work with after all!

I may have been a hand model in my former life...JUST KIDDING!!

Just look at that color! Guess what, its just ONE coat, yes JUST ONE! Which is really nice when you have to do the hurry up and dry wave to get back to that pile of laundry upstairs! Seriously its JUST ONE COAT OF COLOR!

So let me what you think? I have to say it's a pretty flattering color on anyone. Its pretty delicate on fairer skin but imagine a tan with that baby...oh yeah! Hot Stuff ;)

**By the way I left some of those smudgies to show my handiwork oh yeah...really though it's virtually impossible for me and my southpaw to NOT get polish on my actual FINGER...SO
after its all dry I take a q-tip and dip it into nail polish remover and just clean up all the edges and cuticles that have extra polish :)**


  1. That color is gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up with Mani Monday!

    Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

    1. Thanks!! Its fun to see all the cool designs!! I learned some new tricks!

  2. It's a great color!

    I'm visiting from Mani Monday!!

  3. I love how you called your fingers little sausages! lol I love the color. Think it turned out great!

    Visiting from Mani Monday!

    1. LOL...yeah i have to....i always think that get thinner but then I see them in pics and I think. NOPE Still sausages! lol Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Love your little sausages! That color is so pretty.

    Visiting from Mani Monday!


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