About Heavenly Blossoms

Welcome to Heavenly Blossoms, my blog,
where I write about experiences that come with mommyhood, army life, and crafting in my somewhere in the middle of all of that!

I'm a single mommy, a soldier and now a blogger.

The concept of sharing my personal life had me uneasy at first.  However, in the world of blogging I have come to know so many of you out there,


Many of you are SO open about your lives, sharing the intimate details of motherhood, home life, and your amazing talents. Your posts read like a best friend just catching up with you about their day, it's comfortable and refreshing, finding things in common.

Because I have been so lucky, I want to share too. I want to be able to provide here  what others have unknowingly done for me!

Being a mommy now, it is a full days work crammed into 24 short hours, am I right? Sometimes its easy breezy....and then there are those days that make you want to lock yourself in the bedroom and pull down the shades needless to say....a tad challenging! 

But how many of us can say that we are glad that is all we have to worry about? 
           Anyone? Bueller? 

            women have multiple titles, housekeeper, nurse, therapist, motivational speaker, cook, and for many other women out there you can add protectors of our country's freedom to that.  We are natural born multi-taskers.

For the days where I reap in the rewards of these titles and the days where I just don't quite make my goal this is where I go to share it all!

                                                            THIS is why I am here.

For you military mommas, I also look forward to sharing with you how I cope with the moments where being a soldier HAS to come first.  I want to be there for the mommas who are new to the military and the military women who will be new to being a momma.  I also really hope to hear from you all as well.  I know that you Army/Air Force/Marine/Navy/Coast Guard mommas are out there, and its times like this that every bit of advice can go a long way for all of us :)

My reason for this is that my daughter is my heavenly blossom, everyday I am blessed with little tidbits of love and happiness because of her.  I learn to see beauty in unexpected situations. Even if my day or week has been rough and yes even if she may have something to do with it, she is my secret ingredient to making it all better.

I want to pay that forward, I want other mommies from all walks of life to come here, to find relief, a few smiles and even a little bit of laughter; heavenly blossoms if you will, to make your day a little better, a little brighter, and to help you find the beauty in life....

So whatever it is that brought you here today,  I hope you found it helpful, and yet I hope you return for more.  These Heavenly Blossoms are for you and I hope they do for you as my little Heavenly Blossom has done for me!

Thank you!



  1. Love your "About Me" post, especially the multitasking aspect. I can so relate! Looking forward to reading even more from you, SITS sister!

  2. Thanks Alison!!!! I really appreciate the your time! I am glad you can relate, I have to say when a reader (a SITS sister at that!) says it, its truly is fulfilling to be here! :)

  3. Hi H.B,

    Nice "About" page. It's very conversational and makes me feel like we're sitting over coffee across the kitchen table. Looking forward to more!

    From a SITS sister.

  4. Thank you Corinne!! I really appreciate you stopping by and it feels good to know that the read was easygoing :)

    From a very appreciative SITS Sister!!!

    Jenny :)

  5. Hey Jenny, good luck with the blog! I feel inspired to start up my old blog again. Writing made me feel really good.

  6. Alex!!! Do IT do IT!!! I will be right there to read it!!!

  7. Love this post - nice to get to know you a little better! Visited your pinterst today and I think we share a love of Hunger Games :) Have got to say I love the blog xxxx


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